Get on it(2014) Movie Review: The James Brown movie!

There are lots of good and bad in this film, if we start with the good, the actor (Chadwick Boseman) delivers a sterling performance as James, it’s creepy at times how a like he is, the stories that come out about Mr Brown are interesting and revealing if they are true to life.

The bad, well it has to be the decision by the screen writer to let James talk to the camera / audience in an unfunny Ferris Bueller type of way, the intention was not for comedic purposes, but I am not sure what the screen writers intention was, nevertheless, I found it took me out of the story and in effect the film each time he did it, which was a lot, you have a man whose life is long,interesting, horrific and successful all gift wrapped for the screen writer (Jez Butterworth)  to deliver something special, instead he creates an OK film, but this had the ingredients to be amazing, I hope someone else attempts a remake in the future and avoids Jez’s mistakes.



3 thoughts on “Get on it(2014) Movie Review: The James Brown movie!”

  1. I thought the good that Chadwick does in this overrides the bad. The “bad” isn’t all that bad but if it was better this could have been a legendary biopic. Good review.

  2. Can’t wait to see this one. I have seen James Brown perform in several different venues, from the large arenas to intimate clubs. No matter what the situation he is a professional entertainer. After 50 years I am still enjoying his music. Hope the movie holds up.

  3. I think you will enjoy it Elaine, but it does have you scratching your head at times, If they had copied the blue print for ”Ray” it would have been stunning as James Brown is a lot more outspoken than Ray Charles, let me know what you think….

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