Need help, looking for a french silent film ???????

I saw this film on TV several years ago, I am guessing it was made no sooner than the 90’s and no later than the early 2000’s.

It was a silent film in colour, it was also set in a train station and had  interesting and quirky music playing in the background, there was a man who walks in the station and sits in the only space available in the waiting area, he starts to look at the people opposite him who are sitting on a bench waiting for their train to come in, he spots an attractive lady in a beautiful dress and tries his best to catch her gaze, when he does he then attempts to seduce her by eye contact to the dismay of all the other passengers sitting beside him.

Black comedy.

I know it’s not a lot to go on but I was so impressed with this film, I am just shocked that it has never appeared on TV or been spoken about since, if any french film fans could think back and help out I would be grateful, the man I am referring to was probably in his 40’s / 50’s and was wearing a business suit and was well-groomed.



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