Atkins diet and drinking alcohol……

So I am back on the Atkins diet, I lost around 10lbs in the first 2 weeks, this is why I love the Atkins, you get the quick and impressive results right from the off, I then went to a fancy dress party and thought in my Karate Kid outfit, that I deserved a few shots of Barcardi & Coke, this went down nice but within the following week my weight loss stalled completely, I thought I may just get away with it but it seems not, I guess I will have to get close to my ideal weight before enjoying the naughtiness of Alcohol.

I have lost a lot of weight on the Atkins in the past, I generally put it back on within 12 months, I always do the same thing, I tap myself on the back and tell myself that I will give myself the week off, this week off normally goes well past a week and before you know it I am at the front of the queue at Carb City!, So my plan this time round is to work through all the phrases and start to build in the healthy carbs gradually, at present I am eating lettice, peppers and onions with my steak, chicken or Fish everyday so it’s not like I am purely living off meat.

As long as I stay off the bread, pasta and rice, I hope that it stays off this time round, that first Jack Daniels is gonna taste good when I get to my goal weight!


P.S I do not recommend the Chocolate bars marketed by the Atkins franchise, they stalled my weight loss and I have read several posts on different forums that other people have witnessed the same results.

2 thoughts on “Atkins diet and drinking alcohol……”

  1. I too do Atkins once a year. I am on Atkins right now and I agree with you on all of it. I usually stay on the diet for a few weeks. I do the Atkins bars or candy in the first week because my carb cravings are at their worst. I agree, I don’t lose weight while I’m eating them but it may be because of all of the bloating sugar alcohol does to me. That stuff is nasty. I will never diet without using Atkins, though. You’re never hungry and the weight just drops off. There’s an Atkins app. I use it because I usually don’t get enough calories (because I’m not hungry) and that can stall my weight loss too.

  2. Good to hear from another Atkins user, I have found the peanut butter cookies fill my sugar cravings and they are so easy to make. I think after phrase 1 the diet becomes quite balanced, I think I just have to tell my brain to never crave Bread or Pasta, in my 3rd week now and I have found myself caring less about eating, Almond nuts are my weapons of choice but I am only allowed 24 a day, keep me updated on your progress and let me know of any good meals that are not so obvious, take it easy

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