The Rover (2014) Movie Review; A classy action packed film!

The style of this film is fab, I love a movie that starts and immediately thrusts you into the action, Guy Pearce is the man who can do no wrong in my eyes, he can play so many different types of roles to an impressive degree.

Guy plays a quiet broody looking guy sat at a bar in the middle of nowhere, when some strangers come into town his TV and beer pleasure are put on ice, there are scenes in this film that are explosive but bring a real edge of unique quality.

My only downer in this film is Robert Pattinson, if I had never seen him before this film he would have gone by largely unnoticed, but whenever I see him on-screen I immediately think ”Twiilight” he’s not a bad actor but he is not outstanding which makes it really hard for me to enjoy or respect him whenever he tries his hand at a serious piece like this.




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