Frank (2014) Movie Review; This Movie made me smile throughout!


As the title reads, this movie made me smile for several reasons, the story is bizarre without being erratic, added to this it’s just good fun throughout.

Frank is the lead singer of a very strange band, there is nothing conventional about any member of the band, but it has to be said that Frank stands out more than the rest, he has a huge plastic head, he refuses to ever remove this mask which creates a great deal of mystery and inner giggles.

When a wannabe star gets the chance to join the band he soon finds out things are stranger than first feared.

I don’t really want to say anymore as I think it will spoil what was a joy of a movie for me, it is strange, but in a good way in my opinion.

As a major plus the bands music actually starts to become likable near the end which is hard to believe when you first hear it.





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