Sin City 2 A Dame to Kill for (2014) Movie Review – The dialogue doesn’t come close to the first!

The first Sin City was…. pretty cool, I liked the characters , I enjoyed the black screen with the bright red blood splattering across the screen when the scene called for it, added to this the story was dark and intriguing.

Sin City 2 has all the special effects and the old cast to create another exciting chapter in this franchise, but whoever wrote the dialogue for this follow-up ruined what could have been a good film, at times it just goes on and on with no punch line, it leaves no insight into the people on the screen, I remember feeling just tired of listening to these angry people sound bored while delivering what seems like endless speeches throughout.



Facts about the film –

Three of the film’s four segments – “JUST ANOTHER SATURDAY NIGHT”, “A DAME TO KILL FOR” and “THE LONG, BAD NIGHT” – are prequels to the first film.

The film’s budget was $60 million, making this the most expensive movie Robert Rodriguez has ever directed.

In the second part of “The Long Bad Night”, Johnny (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) shuffles with one card, stating that he is ambidextrous. This may be a reference to a goof in the film _Looper_, where Bruce Willis plays an older character of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who was left handed in the film whereas Joseph Gordon-Levitt was right handed, which the director of Looper (2012) (Rian Johnson) tweeted that the character is ambidextrous.