The Judge(2014) Movie Review; Mix bag of a film!

This is a real mix bag of a movie, you have two star actors playing roles that they have done a million times in the past, they are in a story that is half interesting, which kind of puts the conclusion of this film in the undecided bracket.

Robert Downey Jr plays an ego maniac who enjoys mind fucking people with his intelligence, while Robert Duvell plays the old miserable father who enjoys holding a grudge,(see what I mean about these pair being type cast)

While their lives come together over tragedy there are moments that are very warm and enjoyable, there are also moments that seem very contrived, in the sense that certain scenes were only included to make you feel all mushy and emotional, point being it came across as an over kill, trying to oversell the feeling of the film.

Worth a watch, but I will have to stick on the fence.