Actors who should stop!

This list will be on going,recently I seem to have been unfortunate enough to watch a lot of bad celebrity acting,to qualify for this list you must have starred in entirely bad movies,the odd small part in a good movie does not count.

1,Ashton Kutcher

If movie success was based on good looks and Twitter followers Ashton would be the De Niro of the movie business,unfortunately it’s based on acting talent and charisma,all of his movies are evidence that Kutcher has none of these,to name a few….. New years eve,No strings attached,Valentines day,What happens in Vegas,The guardian,Cheaper by the dozen……


2, Cuba Gooding Jr

OK Cuba your time is up, you have graced us far too long with your terrible acting skills, and im using the word skills very loosely. It all started so well for Cuba back in 91 with Boyz n the Hood, let’s be honest it did for many of those never seen again actors in that movie.

1992 brought us A Few Good Men, now we’re thinking this boy has something. After this movie though the rot started to set in, his choices where clearly altered by pay checks. One that really made my jaw drop was Jumping Jack flash, what the hell was this. I stuck by him for a couple more years where he played smaller roles and did OK jobs. After Jerry Maguire and As Good As It Gets his career choices were desperate. There is only so much you can blame on a director, the guy looks unconvincing what ever he is asked to do. I just wonder how many director’s careers he has ended?

I’m writing to the BFI and asking for a new certification for Cuba movies CA(Cuba Alert) don’t watch if you like acting!!


3. Jennifer Aniston

Everybody loves Rachel from friends,she was funny,attractive and slightly dumb,some people think friends finished years ago,most of it has,but if you are missing your friends,fear not,because Jennifer Aniston performs this character in EVERY movie she makes,you could argue that she has been type cast, but she is not a struggling financially,she should have taken the brave step and ventured into some independent roles which didn’t involve her playing the love interest of some geeky guy who suffers from shyness or low self-esteem.

Reason for enforced retirement request =

Wanderlust,Horrible Bosses,Just go with it,The bounty hunter,The Switch,Love happens,He’s just not that into you,Marley and me,The break up,Derailed,Bruce Almighty,Rock Star,Picture perfect……………………..

Conclusion : She doesn’t have the range or the acting ability,Rachel if we are missing you,we can download Friends at anytime,please stop making the same crap!


4. Eddie Murphy

The man was a legend in his youth,when he was on stage he was dangerous and when he was on-screen he was wild and exciting,full of energy as well as being very funny,now he spends his days making incredibly bad movies,Eddie turns up on-screen but there is no longer any spark,no quick wit,he is just going through the motions each time,please Eddie,give it up and let you classic films be you memory.

Dodgy movies – A thousand words – Tower Heist – Imagine that – Meet Dave – Norbit – Dream girls – The Haunted mansion – Metro.


5. Dane Cook

When I first came across Dane Cook I was blown away,he was performing as a comedian in front of thousands and connecting with the audience,that’s why it’s surprising that he fails every time to appeal on the big screen,good actors look very natural and let you escape into the story without any hesitation,Dane is a terrible actor who reminds you of a college play, he looks like a man who is performing in a solo scene even when he is surrounded by actors,he does not react to his co-stars,he is just waiting to say his line and finish the scene,if he had not had his success on the stage there is not a chance in hell any director would have cast him.

The Cook collection  – My best friends girl,Employee of the month,Good luck Chuck,Dan in real life,Answers to nothing


6. Justin Timberlake

I remember enjoying some of Justin’s solo music back in the early 2000’s, as much as I fought the temptation to box him into the boy band box I was impressed with his collaboration with Timbaland.

When I saw him in Black snake moan I went in with an open mind but the alarm bells started to sound pretty loudly, he would get by as an extra but he has no star quality as a lead actor, his general role to date includes him playing the love interest of a confused or angry lady, he delivers every line with a look of surprise across his face, and if you watch a scene which requires a high degree of emotion Justin fills this with a teenager having a mood swing and not a man a having a breakdown, some people can make the transition from music into film, ( Andre Benjamin) for instance, sadly for Justin he will continue to take roles based on his fame, looks and his music career.

Trouble with the curve – The Social network – The Open road – Friends with benefits – Bad Teacher – The Love Guru – Black Snake moan – Alpha dog –


37 thoughts on “Actors who should stop!”

  1. I love this tab and your breezy way of writing. With Kutcher, Gooding Jr and regretfully Aniston I’m on board. Still she is just so perky even in all those films I agree sucked. I’ll add Hilary Swank after falling so far after Boys Don’t Cry. Million Dollar Baby … bore., The Core <- bad to it.

  2. I cant put Hannah in,she is by no means the greatest,but she has starred in some good stuff,Kill Bill 1+2,Memoirs of an invisable man and crazy people.

    As for Keanu… he will never win an oscar but because he plays himself in some of his most successful roles as a dude,he also escapes the list,The Matrix,Speed,Parenthood and
    Point break.

    Thanks for your opinions and if you have anyone else let me know 🙂

  3. Eddie Murphy is awesome but I agree with the rest!! Hilarious comments on Kutcher — that’s exacty how I’ve seen him…ever since the one atrocious film we might remember as The Butterfly Effect. gaahhh

  4. Taylor Kitsch after he had two huge bombs at the box office (John Carter & Battleship)

    I disagree with Cuba Gooding as he had a great performance in Men of Honor which gives him indefinite immunity in my book.

    How did Nicholas Cage not make the list?!

  5. I think Taylor has got decent acting chops,I agree those movies you mentioned were awful but I think he has something.
    Cuba is a great actor but he has took part in mostly bad movies,he seems happy to accept any role as long as they pay him.
    Can’t add the Cage,he has a mixture of results but if you go through his back catalogue he has several blockbusters!

  6. Tom Cruise…. Gerard Butler (really, he has to be in this list). Couldn’t agree more with Jennifer, seriously every EVERY movie of hers is like NOT AGAIN!!

  7. I’d add Jonah Hill…especially since he lost the weight as it gave him character. I also, and I hate to say it, is Dolph Lundgren, Jean Claude Van Damme and Stephen Segal. Great action figures back in the day that were given scripts and plots that would accommodate their limited acting range, but now those parts are going to younger men to attract a younger audience that is more into mindless action and violence.

  8. Most of the actors you have mentioned are bad actors,but all have all starred in roles than that require very little acting,I cannot add them to the list as they have all starred in successful action movies,thanks for your comments 🙂

  9. Jennifer Anniston????? Really???? Nooooooo she is my favourite actress and she is brilliant in The Millers.

  10. Shame about Cuba Gooding Jr; at the start of his career people actually thought he be pretty great…then he went and gave us the most terrifyingly awful set of movies imaginable. Great list btw 🙂

  11. I thought Kristen was pretty good in Adventureland, a very underrated movie. But I’m pretty biased because I love her in everything outside of the Twilight franchise, particularly Into The Wild and In The Land of Women. Okay I’ll stop there otherwise I’ll list her whole filmography.

  12. Aww, dang regarding your inclusion of Jennifer Aniston in this list. She doesn’t have the greatest range of any actor, but I think she’s a very convincing performer. She really sold the part she did in He’s Just Not That Into You (and I didn’t think that was too reminiscent of Rachel, because Rachel was never that down on herself), but perhaps a better example of Aniston’s ability to make you forget her sitcom persona is The Good Girl, an indie film from 2002. 🙂 I’m glad you have Kutcher in this list, though. May I recommend also: Kate Bosworth and Elisha Cuthbert? Particularly the latter. She’s the biggest hack I’ve ever seen… Have you seen her in The Girl Next Door?

  13. Yes I wont admit to having watched everyone of Jennifer’s films but I do think she plays on that role a hell of a lot, Kutcher seems to be the most hated man in Hollywood, every takes delight in expressing their hatred for the man, thanks for your comments 🙂

  14. Sure glad you made Ashton Kutcher as Numero Uno on this list. Who’s the guy who played Edward in Twilight? See I can’t even remember his name. That is how bad he is. Gone. And, please, don’t get me started about Natalie Portman. And oh, the guy who plays Thor. Bring back Dolph Lundgren. And The Man of Steel guy. He’s no Christopher Reeves. But I too must disagree about Jennifer Aniston. She can be funny and sexy. I loved Horrible Bosses.

    You might want to add Denzel Washington to your list. With few exceptions (Malcolm X and Flight), he always plays the same dude. And Toby Maguire needs to ride Seabiscuit into the sunset. He sure wasn’t Nick Carroway. But here’s the 64,000 dollar question. Is Leonardo di Caprio sleeping with Martin Scorsesse?

  15. Denzel Washington ???? Wow, I did not rate Flight, but how can you forget Training Day,Man on Fire,John Q,The Hurricane,Philadelphia!!! no way on Gods green earth would he make it to this list, as for Dicaprio he is probably the number 1 box office star right now.

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