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Maze Runner: ‘The Scorch Trials’ How to ruin the legacy of the review 2015


The first film was a cracker, filled with suspense,mystery and excitement.

I was looking forward to more of the same in Maze Runner 2, how disappointed can one be in a film,well for me, very!

The film carriers on from the first,the escaped kids are being taken to a safe area,from there the film is filled with moments and scenes that go nowhere,zombie like characters in the style of the ‘walking dead’ weird monsters and a chase team.

The people responsible for this sequel need a smelly cold fish slapped against their face continuously until some brain function returns,Bloody dreadful film.



5 to 7 (2015) Movie review: A Modern Day Classic 10/10

It’s been a few weeks since I saw this film but I can recall the dialogue & style of the film like it was yesterday.

The film is about a struggling writer who makes an excuse to talk to a beautiful women,what follows is a slow dance in the dark to discover if these two strangers have more in common than just sexual attraction.

I am in love with this film,it’s so unusual now day’s that a romantic film can make you feel anything for the plot or the lead characters,this movie does both with ease.

(Spoiler alert)

The title will probably give the plot away for people who have spent much time in France but for me I have never heard about the idea of having an open 5 to 7 relationship outside of marriage,the idea sounds morally wrong but as the film goes on I found myself swaying on both sides of the debate,added to this the romance blossoming around the story is enough to make you reflect on your own love life & smile within at the very prospect of asking your partner if he/she would entertain both of you having a fling between the hours of 5 to 7.

The concept is interesting but in no way does this become the shining reason to see the film,the writing & the acting are the reason,each character has depth and sincerity that will make you laugh,cry & breathe a sense satisfaction.

I am sure if this film was to become a reality for my life, my wife would have a fantastic new lover & I would end up in a coffee shop reading the sports section between the hours of 5 to 7.



Birdman(2015) Movie Review; A realistic depressing film!

I adore Michael Keaton, I think he has been vastly under used in film, I am happy for the actor and that he has performed in an award-winning film but I can’t say I enjoyed this film.

It’s about a celebrity TV star who wants to claw back some popularity and fame by showing people that he can act,added to this he fights his own demons from within which doesn’t really connect to the points of interest in the film.

Edward Norton is already a modern-day legend in the movie business, he lets no one down in this film,but the script is somewhat depressing,this feels like a realistic portrayal of what it’s like to put on your own show on broadway,if this is what you are looking for great, if you are looking for an entertaining film that keeps you captivated give this one a miss.



Sex Ed (2014) Movie Review;This movie is very underrated 8/10 smart & funny.

This movie is very underrated, for one it’s about sex which normally, in a comedy like this you tend to get a lot of dildo jokes matched with embarrassment for the beholder, not so in this smart and funny film.

Added to the quirky but interesting nature of the film you have the cute kid from 6th sense(The one who see’s dead people) starring as a grown up teacher who is being bullied about his sexual inactivity and passive approach to life.

It also brings up a bundle of questions but attacks them in a balanced way so you don’t feel like you are being educated or preached to, I would recommend the film for all comers,no pun intended!



Dawn of the Planet of the Apes(2014) Movie Review; As Boring as the Title sounds

I really enjoyed the first installment, you had the quirky but enjoyable James Franco, matched with an interested story which builds as the film goes on.

In this follow-up you have a cast you don’t care about and apes that after twenty minutes become as robotic as the robots in the film transformers, such a disappointing follow-up to a great remake.

I got 90% of the way in and turned off!



The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014) Movie Review- Scary film, but awful ending!

OK so Halloween is just round the corner so I thought it would be a good idea to scare my wife half to death with a psycho on the run type film! ( I even told her it was a true story just to get her more into it :))

The start of the film is interesting, .. there was a serial killler 60 years ago that murdered young couples who were making out in cars in the woods, nobody ever caught him, and guess what? Yep, you guessed it, there has just been another murder, and the M.O matches the killer from yesteryear.

I have to admit, I jumped more than I would like to admit, the nutcase who is  racewalking around this small town like he is training for the next olympics, is pretty scary, he just looks intimidating and let’s just say he holds nothing back!

You will spend the first two-thirds of the film guessing who this lunatic is, you will then spend the finale of the film, if you are like us, thinking what a crap ending to what had been a real smart and interesting horror, if there is such a thing??

So, if your bored with revisiting Jason and Freddie this Halloween, give this a whirl, just be warned about the ending or turn off with fifteen minutes to go!



Rudderless ( 2014) Movie Review – Real film making at it’s best ! 8/10

This film in my opinon is one of the best in 2014.

A father is torn apart when he loses his son, months later he comes across some tape recordings that his son had made prior to passing.

The writing is first class and William H Macy delivers what is a perfect example to any director out there that sometimes less is more.

When I read the synopsis I was not that excited, the film blew me away, it’s smart, interesting and avoids the normal path that most of these type of films tend to go down.

A mention must go to the music performed in the film, it is lyrically delicious at times.

Billy Crudup was mesmerizing throughout, you see agony,pain and joy written across his face and you are instantly happy to follow him on a journey filled with twists,turns and heartbreak.

Real film making at it’s best !



Red:Sammy Hagar autobiography (2012)Book review – Hagar has many faces!

Before starting this book I had heard of Sammy Hagar and Van Halen but I would have struggled to name a song for you.

This book is interesting but it feels very one-sided most of the times, there are very few regrets made or mistakes admitted.

The book is actually more enjoyable from a business point of view than it is from the rock star element, I am sure if you were a die-hard Van Halen fan you would feel different but for me I found it interesting that Sammy decided to start a HUGE business empire on the back of a rock career,half way through the book I started viewing some songs on Youtube, I have to say a lot of his and Van Halens songs dont age that well, if you put them on in your house the people next door would presume you were having a 80’s party.

Entrepreneurs will struggle to gain any inside tips as Sammy Hagar arrived at most of his ventures with millions already in the bank, it’s not like he went from a paper round to owning very successful businesses, I have respect for what he has done and is obviously no mug but when it comes to running and planning ahead but I found it very hard to relate to the man.

On one hand he preachers that he is an OK good guy who treats everyone with respect, in the next breath he is bragging about sleeping with thousands of groupies in a tent under the stage…

When you read about his exploits you imagine a pure crazy and destructive life style, when you look at Youtube, some of the band interviews are amazingly cringeworthy, the band look like teenagers that never grew up, their only impulse is to show off the booze and drugs that they have available hidden all over the stage, the most interesting thing about the footage is Sammy, who almost comes off as sad Dad trying to be cool with his teenage kids, It made me think that Mr Hagar is very good at putting on a face, one for his music, and one for his business,I suspect the real person lies behind his business and  his music exploits are more of a front.




Has Ebay lost it’s shine?, thousands of sellers looking for alternative…

Let me start by saying that I fell in love with Ebay several years ago, I accidentally started a side business for myself after coming across a few items that I knew I could get a decent profit for if I was to sell them online, as a result I sold thousands of items, and made a healthy profit margin of around 30% when you take out all of their fee’s, in money terms I was making an extra £800 a month for doing very little, I would buy from one online outlet and get them to send it to the buyer on Ebay.

I had a 100% feedback, then in one week I had a customer claim that the item I sent was broke on arrival, even though I offered him a full refund and a replacement I was given a negative report, these things can happen but then Ebay told me that they would be keeping any future money I received for up to 21 days, this obviously ends my business as I needed the initial payment to pay for the goods to be sent, added to this I was clearing £2/300  a week, if you multiply this by the millions of people using Ebay and they have a nice little interest building up in their account that previously wasn’t there, this angered me greatly, they have the power to collect any money paid out to you, or as Paypal call it reverse the payment at a later date so why would Ebay now insist on keeping hold of hundreds of thousands of people’s money if it wasn’t for making money out of the very people who create all the revenue in the first place, if there is nothing to sell there is nothing to buy!

I had several robotic email conversations with Ebay, who always responded with a scripted response that made very little sense to anyone living on this planet which I am sure was it’s purpose.

I very rarely use Ebay now, I haven’t sold anything on there for years after my experience with them, I did buy a pair of jeans from a company on Ebay for my two-year old child, after a month my son came running into the room with blood all over his face, we were clueless about how this had happened until we found the jeans purchased from Ebay and noticed one of the buttons had fallen off and underneath there was a harsh sharp piece of metal that looked a lot like a mini knife, I am guessing these jeans were made in China and had limited safety checks for things like this, I contacted Ebay, they were not concerned for my sons nice new scar but did say they could probably refund my money that I had paid for the brand new jeans, I told them they were missing the point with regards to the danger that lay ahead for future customers of this company that were selling these cheap knock offs, I said I wish to contact the company direct, they refused to give a postal address, they told me that I would have to contact their head office in Luxemburg via post if I wanted to complain about the transaction or this company, they said sending an email was not possible and that it had to be done via post and sent to another country altogether, this for me is Ebay just trying to fob the buyer off , we live in 2014 and you can pretty much send anything on email nowadays apart from a serious complaint to Ebay.

So I have been screwed not only as a buyer but also as a seller, here are several other accounts of people’s experiences on Ebay….


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Here’s one for you… I had a PREMIUM store, which is $59.95 on a yearly subscription. Because I have a below standard rating in GLOBAL (not U.S.) I have a listing limitation on my account. SO, I can’t use the Premium store anymore, it’s pointless. After 2 hours on the phone explaining why the guy who sent a BROKEN, CHEWED up system back to me should NOT count against me (and that would take me out of lower status)… I was told NO, and that I would be charged $82 to cancel my Premium store since my year wasn’t up. So, let me get this straight… I was not backed up by eBay on a defective return. Had I been, I would NOT be in lower standing. I am FORCED to closed my Premium store due to the limitations, but will be CHARGED an early termination fee. Wow… no really. After 14+ years as a seller on eBay, I am just floored. Millions of dollars of transactions and I get a big FYOU from eBay. So, yeah. I’m out as soon as I can get free.


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One “defective” transaction in more than 1200 last week (USPS failed to deliver a single baseball card, a $25 item). Seller never contacted me. Tracking showed it stalled in delivery at his post office. I should have acted sooner than I did, but nonetheless I feel I was unfairly blamed by eBay for circumstances beyond my control. I refunded the seller his money; he had opened a claim without contacting me. He still never responded to my query as to why. Goodbye, eBay. I sincerely hope your company fails because you have just punished one great seller.


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I have sold on ebay for over a decade and have seen ebay from the “glory days” through it’s current situation. I also have invested thousands in inventory that I’m just sitting on now becasue I don’t want to give it away to some buyer on ebay that has figured out PayPal’s “FREE ITEMS—buyer protection program.” I have had a good run on ebay and ebay put my daughter through college, but that’s all changed now. Ebay is a very bizzare experience for the seller compared to what it once was.


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eBay lost its ways. I hope the founder is seeing this and fire all the execs that is ruining brand. Also, paypal’s days are numbered with apple pay!


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The issue is that eBay is not run by principled men. It’s run by people who have no concern or desire beyond making money for themselves.  The fact is, there are tons of places to buy things.  There are very few places to sell.  Therefore, it makes sense (from a purely financial standpoint) for eBay to tilt the scales in favor of the buyers. Why wouldn’t they? Buyers can go elsewhere. Sellers can’t.


Sex Tape (2014) Movie Review – A patronizing film with no chemistry!

This movie patronizes the majority of its audience and alienates the rest, I remember before I got married and had kids, I would always see films that represented young parents and feel quite nauseous, there seemed something quite depressing about their plight that I could not relate to, now I have kids and have slept what feels like a million sleepless nights, I feel patronized by these type of films, but more so in this film.

It’s a film about how a couples sex drive disappears when they have a couple of kids, you never really see any relationship between the parents and the kids so from the off you don’t really believe that Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are parents, added to this they don’t seem like a convincing couple, I don’t buy that they like each other, never mind love each other, there is no on screen chemistry, which leaves you with a lot of over the top reactions.

Plot, they make a porn film that gets shared with all their friends and family. #YAWN!!!!!!!!