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The Meyerowitz Stories (2017) Solid work but dreary and depressing.

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I normally hate movies which base the whole story on someone dying, a bit like this movie which is purposely slow, starts when relatives mainly the distant siblings all come together and try to pretend that everything is normal and everything is loving when inside there is a hidden resentment and hatred.

This movie may be very true to life and Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller & Dustin Hoffman work believably in this dark drama surrounded by wit & moans.

I definitely don’t want to see this film again, I enjoyed the actor’s,I enjoyed the performances, but it was just too dreary, Hoffman has the best lines and character, he still knows how to transfer the written word into gold on a screen.

As a side note I really hope Adam Sandler leaves all the teenage Happy Gilmore stuff alone now & focuses on some meaty roles, he has real acting talent when he is not shouting or walking around like an oversized baby, I would love to see him as a killer or a cheating husband.


Wheelman (2017) Great idea,film lacks somthing

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Wheelman starts off well, the camera view is based from the back of the car, you hear muffled voices and see a couple of men chatting outside, before long you get to meet your lead character played by Frank Grillo,he is the getaway driver, straight away I felt comfortable knowing that he is ” behind the wheel” as the lead he took everyone on a thrilling ride in the Purge 2.

This film sets up a great start by bringing in lots of car chases, accidents and thrills, but then the director seems to forget about these mystery characters and instead increases the speed of the film from 10mph to 200mph, there were plenty of questions unanswered but everything seem to wrap itself up without any explanation as to why, then the credits rolled, maybe a quirky direction but for me it feels like the film ran out of money and did not have an option to film many key scenes, really shame as it had the feel of a good action film .


Cardboard Gangsters (2017) Raw and Entertaining

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Cardboard Gangsters breathes a ton of oxygen into a dead genre, the setting is a poor estate in Ireland and the back drop is about a group of friends who are tired of living week to week without any real money and struggling to find a purpose in life.

As well as the good writing throughout, there is an honesty to the film which draws you in, if this was a cliché London flick all the characters would automatically move from scene to scene murdering people or hurting people without there being a flicker of intimidation or thought from the character in question, this film highlights the fact that you can choose to live a dangerous life but if you do you might have to face up to some dark consequences,may seem like common sense but the average person is good-hearted and has the support of family around them, when you truly break out of societies decency rules the effects can be devastating to a persons own karma, I have not seen a film break new ground with such style and clever writing in a long time, all on a limited budget, the people involved in this film will go on to bigger and better things, I have no doubt, treat yourself to fabulous night in with the Cardboard Gangsters.





Maze Runner: ‘The Scorch Trials’ How to ruin the legacy of the review 2015


The first film was a cracker, filled with suspense,mystery and excitement.

I was looking forward to more of the same in Maze Runner 2, how disappointed can one be in a film,well for me, very!

The film carriers on from the first,the escaped kids are being taken to a safe area,from there the film is filled with moments and scenes that go nowhere,zombie like characters in the style of the ‘walking dead’ weird monsters and a chase team.

The people responsible for this sequel need a smelly cold fish slapped against their face continuously until some brain function returns,Bloody dreadful film.



Maggie (2015) Movie Review – Walking dead without the good bit’s! 3/10

What a strange movie this was, it has the same back story to the huge TV hit ”Walking Dead” the only key difference being no interesting elements to this dour movie version.

Arnold plays a concerned father who needs to look after his bitten daughter before she changes,as an idea before seeing the film I was genuinely excited at the prospect of Arnold running round blowing away Zombies!

The film is so slow you would think you were watching a girl die of cancer and not a Zombie bite,the film took itself FAR to seriously and as a result you have a very dull film that has no redeeming features.



The Best offer (2013) Movie review; A beautiful story caught on film

I am amazed that Geoffrey Rush has not appeared in more blockbuster movies, the man has skills beyond his back catalogue, he picked up the accolades for the Kings speech but apart from that he was just a face that you knew, once again he produces a mesmerising show in ”Best offer”, he has a knack of letting you know that you are watching the real deal whenever he appears on-screen, I would love for the man to be teamed up with the likes of Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson or even Daniel Day-Lewis, the man is a monster of an actor,and I feel his true ability will tell when he gets his chance with the big boys.

With that being said the story and dialogue is simply beautiful, at times I watched in envy as each scene closed only to bettered by what was to come,the use of the English language was elegantly delivered without feeling like a period novel was being forced down your throat.

One of my films of the year!





Mud (2012) Movie review; Reminded me of the film ” stand by me ”

This movie shares its style with the film ”Stand by me”, they haven’t copied the film it just captures the youngsters naive quality as well as a sense of loneliness.

Matthew McConaughey puts in his best performance since ”Two for the money”, the man has class as an actor, he really shows some great detail in the emotion he is expressing throughout this film, when the dialogue alone is not enough it’s surprising how much Matthew can convey with just his eyes, that said I do look forward to the day when he leaves his shirt on,he must have it written into every script as I can’t think of film where is doesn’t take his top off, this film is no exception.

Part of me gets annoyed with the fact that he chooses so many bland movies in between the creative and interesting ones, namely … Magic Mike,Failure to launch,How to lose a guy in 10 days, I know you could argue an actor needs to act but I really think he has the talent to pick and choose a little more.

The second star of the show is little Tye Sheridan, he has a look that can cut a tree down, he reminds me of River Phoenix, in his no-nonsense and natural delivery on-screen.

The film in itself ticks many boxes, the story is original and keeps you guessing throughout, it also holds a rare quality which makes you feel comfortable within minutes of watching it, not many films can truly achieve 100% escapism for its audience,I can confirm that ”Mud” did this for me and I applaud the Director (Jeff Nichols).



Universal soldier ( 1992) Movie review; When action movies where good !

I remember a friend of my dads lending him a pirate copy of this film back in 1992, we wanted to see this movie badly and for our trouble we watched possibly the worst pirated film in history, half the screen was shaking and the picture had all the colour taken out of it.

Having just recently watched this in (full quality) it really does stand the test if time, it’s more than just a fighting action movie, the relationship between Dolph and Damme is interesting, it’s not just good vs bad, it’s more insane vs normal, added to the backdrop you have the futuristic feel of the technology and a chase movie that has two lead characters you actually care about.

Dolph Lundgren plays a crazy man with a smidgen of sarcasm, I find myself laughing at most of the things he says,this is his best acting role in my opinion, he is well-known for Rocky 4 but he basically plays a robot.

I have never been tempted to watch any of the other universal soldiers,I just know it would ruin it 🙂

When action movies where good !

7.5 /10


Facts about the movie; IMDB

The last film to be recorded in CDS, an early digital sound format. In the following year of the film’s release, sound technicians had developed DTS. This sound format was apparently of higher audio quality than CDS and has been used in most movie theaters ever since.

The first screenplay was initially called “Crystal Knights”.

Though they’re all supposed to be American the Universal Soldiers are played by a Belgian (Van Damme) a Swede (Lundgren) and a German (Ralf Moeller).

The original script presents a much darker depiction of the US military than what eventually ends up on the screen. In the original screenplay the Colonel in charge of the Unisol project orders ‘Dolph Lungdren”s character to ruthlessly kill off all the civilian witnesses to his pursuit of ‘Jean Claude Van Damme”s character. The Colonel also informs the head scientist that the terrorists at the dam were not terrorists at all, but mercenaries hired by the army to provide fake justification for the Universal Soldier programme. In the finished film these scenes are omitted so the witnesses are left unharmed and the gunmen killed by the Unisols at the dam were genuine terrorists. The Colonel and his men are actually heroic figures with a real and valid mission who just want their multi-million dollar Unisol back. Whereas military villains were de rigeur in the post Vietnam 1970s and well into the 80s, by the time of filming the reputation of the US military was at an all time high following the first Gulf War so it was considered unlikely that the audience would accept them being shown in such a poor light.

Fast & Furious 6 (2013) Movie review; A generic action flick with good effects

I feel like I’m being stalked by Dwayne ”action” Johnson recently, with his appearance  in GI Joe,Pain & Gain and now Furious 6,the most annoying thing about his performance in these films is that his character is exactly the same, It feels like a factory process at its worst, were they keep Johnson in the studio and just change the background and the movie but he essentially stays the same, I hear you can now rent him for birthday parties.

This movie is OK, nice to see London as the backdrop, the plot is a bit lazy but then I don’t think the fans go to see this franchise for the story….

Furious 6 GI Joe

OK for an action popcorn fest!



A video of the British families that Teresa May and David Cameron are trying to destroy!

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