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Tearing your calf muscle – great link and advice

I was in the gym today trying to keep up my new healthy life style, I did 15 minutes on the Bike, 15 minutes on the Crosstrainer and then I thought I would end the session with a good run on the Treadmill, I set my run to 20 minutes, was in the 19th minute and my run felt strong and I felt like I could do more than the minute that was left, I looked at the clock and saw 40 seconds remaining, I then felt a pain shoot directly into my calf, shoot! being the optimal word as it felt like a bullet had ripped into that part of my leg! I pushed the emergency stop button and limped off the belt of the treadmill, I tried putting weight down on the affected leg but could not without the shooting pain, in the end I hobbled out of the gym and as long as I didn’t bend that part of the leg I could get away with just looking like I had shit myself as I walked.

I’m really annoyed that this happened, I was just getting the taste for exercise again and now I can’t walk properly, I did the same thing a year ago but this was more painful, the back of my calf, 6 hours later looks like Popeyes arm.

I am thinking to give the running a miss, the Bike and Crosstrainer are less enjoyable but I have never experienced any injuries from them.

I found this great link explaining what happens when you tear your calf and how to treat it –

Managing acute calf tears

Written by Tom Goom, senior Physio at The Physio Rooms Brighton. Follow Tom on Twitter.

Calf pain in runners is quite common and can become a persistent nuisance. Fortunately it usually responds well to treatment and there are a lot of simple exercises you can do to help it recover. This is the first of a series of pieces on calf injury and will guide you through early management of a calf tear. Later pieces will examine non-traumatic calf pain and rehab of strength and flexibility.

The calf is made up of 2 large muscles – gastrocnemius and soleus and a smaller muscle called plantaris. Gastrocnemius is the more superficial of the muscles with soleus sitting beneath it. Gastroc. has two heads to it and crosses both the ankle and knee joints – this makes it somewhat vulnerable to injury. Injuries to soleus are far more rare. In one study of 141 cases referred for ultrasound after calf strain just 1 had a soleus tear while 94 had gastroc injuries.

Traumatic calf injury

The calf is usually injured with sudden movements that dorsiflex the ankle (bend it up) while weightbearing. With the gastroc this often happens with the knee straight as the muscle is then stretched over 2 joints. Activities like rapid lunges (common during racquet sports) or acceleration to sprint when running are common causes of calf injury. It may also occur when the muscle is fatigued after distance running.

During a calf injury many people describe a sudden sensation of being struck on the back of the leg. Swelling is common and it can be difficult to walk initially. In more minor calf injuries people can sometimes continue with their sport at the time of the injury but the pain becomes more severe after. Of the two heads of the muscle the medial head (on the inside of the calf) is more commonly injured than the lateral head (on the outside).

Management of acute calf injury involves POLICE (formerly RICE). With muscle injuries anti-inflammatory medications are not currently recommended, especially in the first 48 hours as they are thought to delay healing. As with all injuries RunningPhysio recommends seeing an appropriate health professional. In the case of calf injuries this is especially important as there is a risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Symptoms of DVT include pain, swelling and tenderness in the calf often accompanied by warmth and redness of the skin. Unfortunately these are often common symptoms after a calf injury even without DVT. In many cases people sent for investigation of suspected DVT are found not to have one, however if in doubt get it checked out as a DVT is a serious condition and can lead to pulmonary embolism which is potentially life threatening.

Treatment of a calf injury depends largely on severity (timescales detailed below are approximate and may vary considerably between individuals) but I follow these principles of treatment for calf injuries;

  1. Respect the healing process
  2. Allow a period of relative rest
  3. Maintain calf flexibility and strength where possible but exercise within pain limits
  4. Gradually re-introduce activity that involves stretching or loading the calf muscle
  5. Rehab any deficits that exist after the healing process (this might include calf strength, power, endurance or bulk, reduced calf flexibility, altered movement control etc etc.)

With a minor calf injury symptoms will be mild with minimal swelling, you will be able to walk unaided with slight discomfort but sudden movements that stretch or work the calf may cause an increase in pain. Initial treatment involves rest for 2-3 days after which you can often resume gentle cross training, providing it’s pain free. This might include swimming, or cycling (with low resistance) but should avoid impact, heavy resistance or sudden movements. Once symptoms settle you can start some light jogging on a treadmill and see how it feels before gradually returning to training. The timeframe for this varies from around 1-4 weeks depending on the injury and the individual. When you do return to running avoid hill training and speed work initially as this places a greater stress on the calf muscle.

Moderately severe calf injuries need to be treated with a little more caution. In the early stages there will be noticeable swelling and discomfort. You will be able to walk unaided but with some difficulty and pain. Any movements that place even a small stress or load on the calf are likely to be painful. This might include going up or down stairs, moving the ankle or pressure on the calf area.

The first 2-3 days are likely to involve bleeding within the muscle and significant swelling. In these acute stages you’ll need to be more attentive to rest, elevation and ice and I wouldn’t recommend cross training. You may benefit from offloading the calf a little. This can be done by putting a heel wedge in your shoe, strapping the calf or even wearing shoes with a heel (although probably something stable rather than stilettos!). This should be a short term strategy and you should aim to walk in normal shoes or barefoot as soon as comfortable to do so.

By days 4-7 you may find you’re comfortable enough to start very gentle exercises for the calf. Simply move the foot up and down, first with the knee bent, then with it straight. Move only as far as comfortable – don’t push through pain. Little and often is usually best – around 10-15 reps 3 times per day. The aim is to encourage the muscle to contract and relax, this should help clear swelling and maintain flexibility.

After day 7 you’re usually in the sub-acute phase of injury. The muscle is still healing and that new tissue will be vulnerable so you want to avoid excessive stress on it. The body is amazing when it comes to healing and it’s worth respecting that. We often aim to accelerate things but perhaps, in truth, our aim is more to promote the best environment to allow things to heal at their normal rate. It’s important to maintain flexibility and strength in the calf muscle as things heal, but this shouldn’t come at the expense of the healing process.

From approximately day 7 to 21 post injury scar tissue is still developing but isn’t usually strength enough to handle large loads. As a result I would avoid static stretches during this period, instead use the 2 traditional calf stretches (pictured below) but do them dynamically. Rather than moving until you feel a stretch and holding it, just focus on controlled, gentle movement in pain free range. Alternatively a minisquat is a simple way to maintain ankle mobility. You can also start some supported calf raises if able – do on both feet (rather than just 1) – push up onto your toes and slowly lower. You can usually resume cross training from 2-3 weeks post injury but keep it pain free and avoid impact and resistance work.

From 3-4 weeks after calf injury the scar tissue will usually have developed enough to handle a little more load, at this stage you may benefit from starting static calf stretches if comfortable. In which case stretch both the gastroc and soleus muscles, using the techniques above and holding for around 30 seconds for 3-5 reps. You can often progress strength work at this point, if comfortable try single leg calf raises on your weaker side. Do as many as comfortable and gradually increase until you can do the same on both legs. Stop if painful!

Severe calf injuries can result in a complete tear of the gastrocnemius muscle. There will be significant swelling and pain and a haematoma may develop. You may be unable to walk without help from crutches, even then it will be difficult to weight bear and many people choose to hop instead! Management of these injuries varies considerably and will be guided by your consultant or physiotherapist.

Final thoughts: calf injuries can be painful and potentially debilitating and should be assessed by a health care professional to rule out serious complications such as DVT. As ever on RunningPhysio if in doubt, get it checked out. Most calf tears respond well to treatment but the healing process must be respected and it’s important not to do too much too soon.



Harry Redknapp and his Spurs players who did not want to play for England !

This surely cannot be hard to work out, from my memory alone you have David Bentley ( Strong possibility)  Arron Lennon ( Very strong seeing he has not been picked or mentioned for England for over a year)  I doubt Jermaine Defoe would be on Harry’s list, Ledley King ( I can see him trying to get out of friendly games because of his knee)  Jermaine Jenus had a few showings for England, can’t imagine he would be looking for excuses not to join up again.

So I would guess and say Harry is talking about David Bentley who threw his football career away, and Arron Lennon who never pushed on from his early promise, England are better off without them.


OK, I am ready to carry on World Cup 2014 without England!

I have accepted the fact that England are rubbish, it may not be constructive but it’s not far from the truth.

When you look at our other World cups and Euro failures there is a pattern that exists over the past twenty years, at the 2010 WC in South Africa we were horrible to watch but managed to get out of the group much like a slug begging to be put out of its misery, we played small nations struggled then played Germany and got smashed 4 -2, It could have been much worse.

If you look at the Euros in 2012 we also played bad football, I think we were voted the worse team in the tournament and went out to Italy who controlled the game completely and we defended for 80 minutes like a nation new to big competitions, we went out on penalties as the Italians could not thread a ball past the two buses we had in goal.

So back to the present and I have to say I felt like a part of me had died when England got dumped out of this years World Cup, there was something missing, or should I say two things missing from the England team, I think you either have to have one or the other, if you have both you win the World Cup, if you have one you make it to the Quarter final stage at least, these two things ?  1, To have World class players in your team, ideally at least three players, at present, England have zero, that 2nd thing would be to play as a team, and have a real team ethic, England from my time have not shown a team good ethic since Glenn Hoddles 1998 side, some would argue that the spirit was built by Terry Venables and taken on by Glenn Hoddle, either way, the teams of 1996 and 1998 had some great players but more than anything it was the team that managed to take on the world with confidence, each player played with a sense of trust in his team mates.

The present team of 2014 showed a glimmer of entertaining play against the Italians, but when the answers were being asked at the crunch time in the game, a lot of our players were looking around to see who was willing to take the game by the scruff of the neck, I would argue that Rooney, Gerrard & Cahill tried to do this but they were simply not good enough or did not have that level of class to do so, matched with a team lacking in experience the resulting pitiful World Cup exit was not that hard to predict, the three players mentioned are good team players, not World class players, if you added Pirlo, Suarez and Van Persie to the England team you would fancy our chances, in a perfect world, I guess we would all be very bored, so instead we are stuck in reality.

Alonso was quoted yesterday as saying the Spanish World champions reign ended because the players were no longer hungry, I think there are elements of this with the England team, even though based on their half a century of losing you would think they would be starving, instead I look at Costa Rica who have players who move as one, and battle and fight for each other, all of England’s players are earning a fortune, they all drive top of the range sports cars, live in mansions, and never have to solve or deal with banal issues that most of us do.

I think there is an element of our players being cuddled in the most entertaining league in the world, it may be the most entertaining but it is probably third or fourth in the quality stakes, so while Gerrard and co look like superstars in the Premier league, when they meet real quality teams they soon realise they are not as good as they thought they were.

All of the top four in a our league have foreign players as their key men, our English players simply play supporting roles in the show that is the Premier league, this World Cup has made our guys look like TV extras, I can enjoy the World Cup now, but it will take me a good while to believe in a England team again.


England v Uruguay – World Cup 2014 – 19/06/14 – Don’t come home just yet!

I can’t believe how much this one game  means to all the UK,OK that will just be England then,  anything less than a win and we are surely out of the World cup for this year, the amount of column inches and TV interviews and links created over this campaign  and it could be all over within 2 games, the flags on the cars will come down, the anticipation and excitement of a nation dissolves into a quiet depression, ”no pressure” on the players then.

As the song goes, No more years of hurt. No more need for dreaming, well I will be dreaming and hoping for a win tonight, I would be happy

with England getting out of the group, anything less and the media will be sharpening their knifes when the team land at the airport.

This years team have shown the country that England can play attractive, fast paced football, it would be a crime if we went out in the groups by playing football the way it should be as opposed to Capello who chose to stifle out flair players and play with a robotic defensive team.

I hope all the players make England proud!

My prediction England 3 Uruguay 1

Barkley 2 – Gerrard 1

Key factor – The weather is suppose to be wet & cold ( Like playing in England)


Spain 1 Holland 5 – World Cup 2014 match report

It’s fair to say nobody saw this one coming, I was expecting a safe draw from both sides but the Netherlands didn’t read the script.

Up until the 27th minute Spain looked to be in control and were playing their confident passing style to good effect when Costa went down in the box to win the penalty which Alonso slipped in with ease 1 – 0.


Just before half time the Dutch swung a ball in deep from the left touch-line, Van Persie evaded detection in the Spanish box and headed the ball beautifully past Casillas in the World champions goal, 1 – 1.

The game then turned on its head as if that goal just before the break had boosted the team in blue and deflated the team in white, Robben picked up two goals with a fine display of pace, trickery and coolness on the ball, each time Holland went forward the Spanish seem to be shaking at the knees with anxiety of letting another goal in, it could be first day nerves for Spain but this was not a lucky win for the Netherlands, they were confident and made the other team seem very average at times.

With Chile waiting in the wings I think the whole of Spain will be waking up tomorrow with the gloomiest sunshine known to man.

Well done to Holland, your attitude was your biggest key to winning tonight, roll on to the next game!!!!


The World cup is about to begin, is there another event in the world that creates the same excitement ?

I cannot wait for the world cup to begin, at present we are all one day away from a future historic event.

As an England fan I have become obsessed with the national team, will they play with a youthful fresh team or stick to experienced failures from the past, well normally I would be ashamed to put an English flag on my car but that shame is lost in national pride, stupidity & excitement.

With all the buzz building if someone offered me an all expenses paid trip to Brazil I would have to refuse it, ”You mad bastard I hear you call me” I am not, and I will explain why, I have traveled a lot over the last five years, each time I meet a fellow traveler I discuss where he has come from or going to, each time I meet someone who has come from Brazil they always have a story about either being mugged or someone they were with being mugged, as someone who has lived through a violent mugging I cross and destination that is internationally famous for mugging and my inner voice says avoid, Tim Vickery, the BBC’s correspondent has recently informed their listeners about him recently being mugged, this being for the second time in ten years, at gun point, but as he stresses, he was stupid to walk down a quiet road without friends, if you are in a group I am sure the chances are very low, that said, I  will be happy to watch from my front room.

My heart tell’s me that England will be doing more than well to get to the last 8, with an influx of players such as Chamberlain, Barkley and Sterling I am excited about the unknown, I just hope the team don’t go hiding when the pressure kicks in.

Brazil are the hot favourites but I would not back them at the bookies, their team have great players but I am not so sure they are a great team, I see another semi final defeat for the host nation with the local pressure becoming too much for them.

Argentina have a strong advantage with the conditions but I am unconvinced by their team spirit and overall team play.

I fancy a shock with for one of the following, Germany, Spain or Chile, they will not be feeling the same pressure but they still contain some of the best players in the world.

Jennifer Lopez has withdrawn herself from the World cup opening ceremony, this mainly highlights her pretentious nature and terrible feedback her song with pitball has been getting, the world I am sure will get over you miming on the mic Jennifer!





Why do I keep getting spam comments on certain posts ? – WordPress blog


I am really frustrated with WordPress help page so I thought it best to ask my fellow bloggers, I have always got the odd spam comment since I have had this blog for the last few years but more recently the system which blocks the spam seem’s to be getting bypassed, I have deleted one post due to receiving several spam comments a day ?

Can anyone shed any light on how to battle this epidemic.

Genuine comments welcome 🙂

The Hardy Bucks Movie (2013) Movie review; A Smiling green movie!

This movie just made me smile throughout, if you are a fan of Irish blagging and general humour this is for you.

A bunch of skint lads based in Mayo, Ireland decided that life is boring and a trip to the world cup to follow the national team would bring a bit of jazz to their life.

Don’t worry about taking the girlfriend to see this as there is zero football chat, it’s more of a road trip with lots of genuine funny moments and original dialogue.

I get the impression that making this movie was an after thought to these boys having a good time, that energy bounces off the screen and makes the movie enjoyable.

The acting is not great in parts but the punch line and dialogue is so good that it kind of makes up for it.

Put a smile on your face and watch this film!



Rooneystein is a no show for England !

Wayne Rooney suffers a nasty injury courtesy of Manchester United team-mate Phil Jones.

Wayne insisted on posting this picture to prove to England fans that he really is injured and does care about the national team, I am sure most fans would prefer that Wayne showed his commitment by showing the form he once did nine years ago at Euro 2004, he has been piss poor and a no show for England ever since.


Pascal Chimbonda; A man who threw his career away !

I remember when I first saw Pascal, he was flying down the wing like he had rockets for football boots, he seem to come out of nowhere and it was obvious that he would not be at Wigan for long, he then moved to Tottenham for £4.5 million,everything seemed on course to make Chimbonda the next big star of the Premier league, the richest league in the world,after showing an initial bright fire it wasn’t long before his career turned into smoke, by the time he left Tottenham they were desperate for him to go, the reports from the people inside the spurs camp was that of a man who had an attitude problem.

So when the club who forked out the best part of £5M for you don’t want you after one season, you go where all the rejects go; Sunderland on loan, Tottenham was hoping that he would maybe show a glimmer of the player he once was, in short he was average and in turn returned to his Spurs the following season.

He then slowly got passed down the league, from Blackburn to Qpr and then onto Doncaster.

The thing that stands out about this player is his lack of effort he shows once he receives a decent contract, you have to question a man who is happy to sit on the bench at so many clubs for so long, when he did show up on the pitch it seemed like he was going through the motions.

The man is now at his retirement age but he seems to have no pride or self-awareness of what he has to offer now, he has spent 95% of his career doing very little after promising brilliance, the crime with this player is that he truly did have all the tools to perform on the world stage, I find it remarkable that this man had no passion for the game, only for the dollar.

Now he is at non league Market Drayton he still seems to think that some naive club will fork out some money to pay is over inflated arse, Pascal, you have stolen an opportunity that thousands of fans would have given their right arm for, let your retirement years be your dignity years and not your blood out of a stone stage.

Total waster !