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Kidderminster LED Dance floor for hire – Wedding Concepts by Lisa Maria UK

British families forced to move to Europe to see their spouse or family member – VIDEO



Catfish (2013) – The TV review;I love the concept but I can’t believe the footage is 100% real!

I enjoyed the movie and saw this advertised on TV last week and sadly got excited about the prospect of the makers following the general public to meet their online boyfriends and girlfriends…

I have watched a few episodes now and as much as I enjoy them it does not feel real,I come at this from two angles –

If you are the person chatting online to a make-believe partner you would not want the world to view it on MTV when you take the plunge to actually meet them in person, it only make sense that they would do it, if the online person meant very little in the first place and it was an excuse for all of them to gain their fifteen minutes of fame.

My biggest issues are with the makers,there is a split camp of people who believe their original story was not real in the first place, many people say it was a brilliant fictional film designed to come across as reality,others say the film crew got lucky and managed to capture the lies and double life that Angela was living back in Michigan.

I fall into the 50/50 camp,I believe these stories are true but are manipulated by the makers to create better TV,in the show these people seem so at ease with their own lies that it just doesn’t make sense.

I still enjoy the show I just don’t believe it all!



Fancy dress wedding video – Howard Blake Photography – Kidderminster,West midlands,UK

This is the first time we have managed to catch our night on video,we have been doing the event photography for the last few years and the response has been fantastic.


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Bill Cunningham – New York (2010) Movie review – Very camp,but an interesting man

Bill Cunningham is a 83 year old man who spends his time photographing the rich and famous,and the average fashion conscious girl on the street.

There were moments throughout this movie documentary that I found myself reaching for the off button,it’s a very camp topic,with a very camp tone,I am comfortable with my sexuality but there are only so many fashion show stories I can take in one day.

Bill is surrounded by people who only care about how they look or how they are perceived,which is the mirror opposite to how Mr Cunningham comes across.

I reframed from shutting the Bill Cunningham show prematurely and continued to watch a fascinating man,from dropping out of Harvard to following and sharing a life with the rich and famous fashion icons, he seems to have an inner strength to go through life without owing anyone a penny,or taking a penny at the same time.

I would recommend this documentary, as above anything its beautiful portrait of a man who refuses to move with the crowd.



The Olympic 2012 opening ceremony – Danny Boyle

Well the olympics had failed to excite me up until now,In the UK most people are not interested at the prospects of the games starting, instead they are moaning about the inconvenience, with all these visitors creating extra traffic and slower journeys….

Having just watched Danny Boyles opening ceremony I have to say I am now excited,I am sure there are people around the world who did not get all the references but that’s what made it very English.

The first ten minutes were a bit strange but once the event warmed up I could not take my eyes off the screen,it felt like a movie montage rather that an opening to the olympics.

Danny Boyle should be very proud,I give him top marks for original idea’s and two thumbs up for not playing it safe !