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England v Uruguay – World Cup 2014 – 19/06/14 – Don’t come home just yet!

I can’t believe how much this one game  means to all the UK,OK that will just be England then,  anything less than a win and we are surely out of the World cup for this year, the amount of column inches and TV interviews and links created over this campaign  and it could be all over within 2 games, the flags on the cars will come down, the anticipation and excitement of a nation dissolves into a quiet depression, ”no pressure” on the players then.

As the song goes, No more years of hurt. No more need for dreaming, well I will be dreaming and hoping for a win tonight, I would be happy

with England getting out of the group, anything less and the media will be sharpening their knifes when the team land at the airport.

This years team have shown the country that England can play attractive, fast paced football, it would be a crime if we went out in the groups by playing football the way it should be as opposed to Capello who chose to stifle out flair players and play with a robotic defensive team.

I hope all the players make England proud!

My prediction England 3 Uruguay 1

Barkley 2 – Gerrard 1

Key factor – The weather is suppose to be wet & cold ( Like playing in England)



Spain 1 Holland 5 – World Cup 2014 match report

It’s fair to say nobody saw this one coming, I was expecting a safe draw from both sides but the Netherlands didn’t read the script.

Up until the 27th minute Spain looked to be in control and were playing their confident passing style to good effect when Costa went down in the box to win the penalty which Alonso slipped in with ease 1 – 0.


Just before half time the Dutch swung a ball in deep from the left touch-line, Van Persie evaded detection in the Spanish box and headed the ball beautifully past Casillas in the World champions goal, 1 – 1.

The game then turned on its head as if that goal just before the break had boosted the team in blue and deflated the team in white, Robben picked up two goals with a fine display of pace, trickery and coolness on the ball, each time Holland went forward the Spanish seem to be shaking at the knees with anxiety of letting another goal in, it could be first day nerves for Spain but this was not a lucky win for the Netherlands, they were confident and made the other team seem very average at times.

With Chile waiting in the wings I think the whole of Spain will be waking up tomorrow with the gloomiest sunshine known to man.

Well done to Holland, your attitude was your biggest key to winning tonight, roll on to the next game!!!!


Rooneystein is a no show for England !

Wayne Rooney suffers a nasty injury courtesy of Manchester United team-mate Phil Jones.

Wayne insisted on posting this picture to prove to England fans that he really is injured and does care about the national team, I am sure most fans would prefer that Wayne showed his commitment by showing the form he once did nine years ago at Euro 2004, he has been piss poor and a no show for England ever since.


Pascal Chimbonda; A man who threw his career away !

I remember when I first saw Pascal, he was flying down the wing like he had rockets for football boots, he seem to come out of nowhere and it was obvious that he would not be at Wigan for long, he then moved to Tottenham for £4.5 million,everything seemed on course to make Chimbonda the next big star of the Premier league, the richest league in the world,after showing an initial bright fire it wasn’t long before his career turned into smoke, by the time he left Tottenham they were desperate for him to go, the reports from the people inside the spurs camp was that of a man who had an attitude problem.

So when the club who forked out the best part of £5M for you don’t want you after one season, you go where all the rejects go; Sunderland on loan, Tottenham was hoping that he would maybe show a glimmer of the player he once was, in short he was average and in turn returned to his Spurs the following season.

He then slowly got passed down the league, from Blackburn to Qpr and then onto Doncaster.

The thing that stands out about this player is his lack of effort he shows once he receives a decent contract, you have to question a man who is happy to sit on the bench at so many clubs for so long, when he did show up on the pitch it seemed like he was going through the motions.

The man is now at his retirement age but he seems to have no pride or self-awareness of what he has to offer now, he has spent 95% of his career doing very little after promising brilliance, the crime with this player is that he truly did have all the tools to perform on the world stage, I find it remarkable that this man had no passion for the game, only for the dollar.

Now he is at non league Market Drayton he still seems to think that some naive club will fork out some money to pay is over inflated arse, Pascal, you have stolen an opportunity that thousands of fans would have given their right arm for, let your retirement years be your dignity years and not your blood out of a stone stage.

Total waster !


Here comes the Boom(2012): Movie Review- Doug Heffernan turns to MMA

Unfortunately for Kevin James this movie is going to take a good kicking from the non-mma (mixed martial arts) fans. I have already heard some nasty reviews and if I wasn’t a fan myself of mma then I would probably be joining the queue with some foul-mouthed rant about how piss poor this movie was! ‘Sure, things have not gone to well for Kevin James in his movie career as yet and I don’t think there’s too much chance of any improvements in the near future either’. It happens often enough though, the switch over from TV to the movies is never easy. The trouble with every character he plays, they are just extensions of Doug from the King of Queens. Also it does not help that he’s good friends with the likes of Adam Sandler, if there’s one guy you don’t want to be on a life raft with right now its Jack or was it Jill?

This is his best movie to date I would say. It has plenty of laughs throughout, but I was watching with two sets of eyes. 1) Through the eyes of a movie fan and unfortunately those were the eyes that tell the truth, the movie was predictable and as always the laughs are cheap and unimaginative. 2) Through the eyes of a mma fan, through these eyes the movie was great; this movie is a perfect complement if you were going to get your buddies around before a night of ufc action. Its peppered throughout with regular faces from mma doing off the cuff skits, yes albeit badly, but funny at the same time.

The movie is far-fetched, but it’s a bit of harmless fun for 90 minutes. Even if Kevin James isn’t your idea of funny, “surely Salma Hayek is worth admiring? For her acting proficiency of course!



Jon Jones – Light heavy Weight Champion- unprecedented Hatred!

What has Jon Jones really done to warrant such hatred amongst UFC fans? Every time he walks into the octagon he seems to get more boos then cheers! “So what” the guy is a little eccentric when he talks about his beliefs in the higher power then is caught out drinking to early hours in the morning and is not concentrating fully to his training. Also he is a little too sure of himself? “Really” He is the light heavy weight champion of the mma world for god’s sake! “Who wouldn’t be a little sure of themselves?”  Far enough if most of the time when he was doing his job and he was not putting on great performances then the flack would be warranted. This guy is going into the octagon and 90% of the time is destroying anyone who stands in front of him. He is doing things most fighters can only dream about at the age of 25, if he has been training for only 4 years! That’s a scary prospect for anyone in the near future who dares to stand with him.

I commend Chael Sonen for trying to save the 151 card and offering to fight Jones, but and the end of the day he was doing this for himself. He just lost a fight embarrassingly to Anderson Silva and was looking to get back into the lime light and get the fans back on his side. He should be happy now as he has set up a future fight with Jones, that’s if he gets through the light weight division! “Which I doubt he will” Give him a proper challenge, yes Griffin is a good fighter, but what’s his role here in this fight. He’s the test screener for anyone coming up a division! No doubt when he loses he will do his normal walk out the ring sulk because he is ashamed of his performance. Chael should count his lucky stars really because Jon Jones would have put him to sleep in my opinion.

The cancelling of 151 has nothing at all to do with Jon Jones; he was totally in the right not to fight someone without the correct preparation. This is all on the UFC’s head; the card was a weak card as they have been of late. It would have been a great watch I have no doubt, But they are starting to water down events now. They stick a great main event on then stack it with not very well-known fighters, far enough they all perform on the night, but where are the days gone when they used to have 5 top fights in 1 event? Dane White is accountable for the decision of cancelling this event; it’s not the first time he has thrown his toys out the pram, because he couldn’t get what he wanted.  Grow up Dane, you meant to be a business man! Good business means having a back up plan?