Names you forget…

This section is for those actors that really are OUTSTANDING,  the ones that really take you into a film and present you with a form of escapism, the key to the people joining the list will come down to likability, believability and pure talent to produce an outstanding performance, oh and they fly under the radar because most people forget their name!

Paul Giamatti

I first clapped eyes on Paul in his bit part in the Negotiator,he came across as likeable and funny but it wasn’t until he played Bob Zmuda in Man on the moon that I thought this guy has some real acting chops,Jim Carey will always take most of the credit in that film but I think people under-estimate the role that Paul played.

Paul’s masterpiece performance landed firmly in the shape of  the movie Sideways,the man really does show what real acting is all about,I go through so many emotions when watching his character that I forget at times that I am watching a movie,anyone can play the crazy man or the funny man and get away with over acting,but how do you play a man with mild depression who is fighting on all counts to be free of what is eating away at him inside,I don’t think too many actors could have pulled off Giamatti’s performance,I don’t think many could have come even close to it, in the film he takes you on a journey which is so absorbing that at the end you feel his joy and take delight in the outcome.

Paul is a real actors actor,he can play the side kick or the lead with ease, he seems to truly relish taking part in the process and leaves his ego at home and his soul in front of the camera.

Highlights –

Sideways 2004 – Man on the Moon – 1999 – Cinderella man – 2005 – The Illusionist 2006 – The Last station 2009 – Win Win 2011 – The Ides of March 2011


Giovanni Ribisi

Ribisi first grabbed my attention in the amazing Boiler room, the role is an interesting one which follows an intelligent young man who is hungry to create success in his life,the emotional roller coaster Giovanni takes you on is sublime,he makes you feel for his character and punch the air when things go well for him.

Years later he appeared in the remake of Flight of the phoenix,the contrast is huge if you compare his likeability in Boiler room to his complete odd ball character in FOTP.

He is one of the most underrated stars of his generation and never puts in a bad performance.

Highlights –

Saving private Ryan 1998 – Boiler room 2000 – Lost in translation 2003 – Friends TV show – Flight of the Phoenix 2004 – The Big white 2005 – Avatar 2009 – Gangster squad 2013


Lee Tergesen

I remember enjoying the cult classic TV show which was ”OZ” it was one of the first TV shows that could be classed as the transitional movement from TV into movies, the quality of the acting on that show was pure genius,the cast have gone on to star in the some of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood since it finished.

The same can not be said about Lee Tergesen, for some reason his success and talent as an actor only seems to reach hit TV shows instead of the big screen,I am convinced if a big director gave him a lead role he would not let anyone down but I have a feeling the amount of TV work he has done will always give people that moment reconsider him as a lead man in the movies.

He has had moments on the big screen but when you consider who gets the roles ahead of him its a crime that he is not more well-known and a star in his own right.


J.T. Walsh

If you want someone to play an arsehole in a movie J.T Walsh was your man, I am sure he was a lovely man in real life but he did have that knack of being a total prick on the screen, he made movies better, you believed he was a bad apple which only made you root for the good guys more.

It’s quote remarkable how many hit films he has starred in,it’s a real tribute to the mans ability as an actor.

May he rest in peace.


House of Games – Good Morning Vietnam – Tequila Sunrise – The Big picture – Crazy people – The Grifters – True Identity – A few good men – Loaded Weapon 1 – Sling Blade – The Negotiator – Needful things – Breakdown



John Lithgow

John Lithgow Picture

I am adding John’s name to this list due to recently being reminded of how great he is, having seen Dexter – season 4, man oh man this guy can act, Lithgow has the very rare talent of being able to switch his expression’s instantly while teasing you with the darkness of his mind.

I feel for all of his characters, from my childhood I remember his performance in Harry and the Henderson’s and how emotional he got when performing next to a 9ft hair ball, you believe in him right off the bat and he chooses if you like,love or fear him.

I never tire of seeing him on-screen.

Highlights –

Harry & the Hendersons – Twilight Movie – Footloose – Memphis Bell – Cliffhanger – The Pelican Brief – Shrek – Rise of the planet of the apes.



6 thoughts on “Names you forget…”

  1. “ego at home, and soul in front of the camera” – well said!

    PG is my favourite actor. The diversity and intensity of the guy is amazing – Sideways, Win Win, Shoot ’em up, Ides of March, Hangover 2 – he adds punch and interest to any genre and any role. Check out Big Fat Liar if you haven’t before. Funniest dance sequence I’ve ever seen 🙂

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