Extremely loud & incredibly close movie review

My god this was a tough movie to get through,first off,Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock are fantastic actors who have made

great movies throughout their career,this is one to avoid.

I can imagine the producer of this crap thinking:we are onto a winner here,a sob story about 9/11 and a couple of big movie

stars… how wrong can someone be!

This movie has a young star who plays Tom Hanks son who is more annoying than adorable,which means’s when your suppose to feel

sympathy for the kid you generally just cannot wait for him to shut up!

There seems to be endless silence’s giving the film time to squeeze every bit of tear out of every emotion possible on the screen

which results in a YAWNFEST of a movie for the viewer!

A very dissapointing 5/10    


The Goon

I enjoyed the Stiffmeister in the American pie franchise,that role ran out of

steam around Americanpie3,this movie never gets going at all,the lead plays

a goofball of a character who is frustrated,then seemingly happy from

scene to scene.

In one breath he is smacking heads and taking no crap,in the next he is

cleaning up spit off the floor,not because he’s been told to,just because he thinks he should.

The movie was a let down,there was never enough laugh out loud moments and

probably would have made a better serious film about a struggling 30 something

rather than this cheap popcorn movie.

5/10 KO