Selma (2015) Movie Review;This film was like a bad dream!

This was such a disappointment,I thought the movie might have been able to capture some of the trauma and pain lived by black folk back in the day, at a time when they were deemed less than equal, instead the movie was just dreary and long-winded.

The actor playing Martin Luther King looked like the man himself but he did not have the inspiration that the real man delivered in reality, there was never a time when I thought I understood why so many people followed MLK in THIS movie, he did not even come across as a leader of men or people,NOW either I have misunderstood who Martin Luther King was or this film has misrepresented him.

The I have a dream speech was excluded from the film???,I thought they were going to build up to this delivery as the climax to the film, or at least use it in the end credits, nope, it was a speech that firmly belong’s in the shade compared to the great ”I have a dream speech”.

Overall, the subject of this film overpowered any true style or content that the film could have delivered.

Hugely disappointing!



Birdman(2015) Movie Review; A realistic depressing film!

I adore Michael Keaton, I think he has been vastly under used in film, I am happy for the actor and that he has performed in an award-winning film but I can’t say I enjoyed this film.

It’s about a celebrity TV star who wants to claw back some popularity and fame by showing people that he can act,added to this he fights his own demons from within which doesn’t really connect to the points of interest in the film.

Edward Norton is already a modern-day legend in the movie business, he lets no one down in this film,but the script is somewhat depressing,this feels like a realistic portrayal of what it’s like to put on your own show on broadway,if this is what you are looking for great, if you are looking for an entertaining film that keeps you captivated give this one a miss.



Whiplash (2015) Movie review; Outstanding film and Writing! 10/10

I was expected a cheesy Glee type film but was blown away at how dark and entertaining this film was.

The two leads compliment each other so well, J.K Simmons has such conviction in his temper that he makes everyone including the viewer squirm when he lets a rant go!

Miles Teller plays the believable teenager who is remarkably selfish but exudes passion and drive.

The writing is outstanding, this is more than a drumming story,it’s more about finding your happy place in life and then doing anything you can to keep that place,the film is paced really well and the climax is delivered nicely.



The Mule (2014) Movie Review; One of the best Drug runner stories told from a new angle!

There are so many of these films and documentaries that you kind of know what to expect and how things will play out.

This Australian film is a little little goldmine, filled with finds throughout, the lead character and the plot thickens as the film progresses, just when you think you have the film pegged you are taken down a different road that normally leaves you smiling or anticipating the fear.

I really enjoyed the element of surprise in this film, normally the excitement dies down after the immigration check but this film only just begins, I recommend this film to everyone who enjoys being taken on a new journey and  being surprised by film.

Based on a true story.



St. Vincent (2014) Movie Review; Best film of 2014,Bill Murray back to his best!

OK, I am in love this with this film for several reasons, one being that Bill Murray is back to his lovable self in his best movie since ”Lost in Translation”(2003) I have always watched Murray’s films but he has not been in a hit for the best part of a decade (Excluding the cameo in Zombieland) it’s not that his films since then have been poor but none of them have given Bill the licence to really express that ” Go fuck yourself face” or throw away witty sarcastic lines like they mean nothing, in St.Vincent he plays a man who has given up on keeping up with life and instead spends his time telling people where to go or insulting people who dare think about being nice to him.

The cast is so strong throughout that there is never a moment were the film dips at all, you have the warm & charming Melissa McCarthy who plays a straight character with great depth, you have the acting chops of Naomi Watts who somehow managers to convince you that she is a East European hooker, along with Chris O’Dowd who plays the teacher with the heart of gold, the mix of this cast is perfect, it’s very rare that you get a cast that gels so well and compliments each other in the way they do in this movie.

It’s written and directed by Theodore Melfi, I am about to download his previous films, based on this film he must have some unknown quality in his back catalogue.

The film will make you laugh,… at times make you feel like crying but by the end you will have the sense like I did that this is as close as your going to get to making the perfect movie, it will take you out of your living room and into a world full of possibilities.

Do yourself a favour and go and watch it!




Sex Ed (2014) Movie Review;This movie is very underrated 8/10 smart & funny.

This movie is very underrated, for one it’s about sex which normally, in a comedy like this you tend to get a lot of dildo jokes matched with embarrassment for the beholder, not so in this smart and funny film.

Added to the quirky but interesting nature of the film you have the cute kid from 6th sense(The one who see’s dead people) starring as a grown up teacher who is being bullied about his sexual inactivity and passive approach to life.

It also brings up a bundle of questions but attacks them in a balanced way so you don’t feel like you are being educated or preached to, I would recommend the film for all comers,no pun intended!



The Judge(2014) Movie Review; Mix bag of a film!

This is a real mix bag of a movie, you have two star actors playing roles that they have done a million times in the past, they are in a story that is half interesting, which kind of puts the conclusion of this film in the undecided bracket.

Robert Downey Jr plays an ego maniac who enjoys mind fucking people with his intelligence, while Robert Duvell plays the old miserable father who enjoys holding a grudge,(see what I mean about these pair being type cast)

While their lives come together over tragedy there are moments that are very warm and enjoyable, there are also moments that seem very contrived, in the sense that certain scenes were only included to make you feel all mushy and emotional, point being it came across as an over kill, trying to oversell the feeling of the film.

Worth a watch, but I will have to stick on the fence.