Seal of approval movies

This page is for the movies that Yappy and myself (KO) whole heartedly agree upon.

The seal of approval meaning that it secures a high rating based on many levels.

In no particular order  –

Escoba:Paradise lost

The Riot Club


Fight Club


Shaun of the Dead

No country for old men


Enter the dragon

Stir crazy


Shawshank redemption

Silence of the lambs



One flew over the cuckoo’s nest

Die Hard

The great escape

Life of Brian

Good Will hunting

Stand by me

Groundhog day

The Fly

Jackie Brown

Murder in the first


The Spanish prisoner

The Usual suspects


St. Vincent




5 to 7

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Cardboard Gangsters

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19 thoughts on “Seal of approval movies”

  1. Ok you had me at hello and that fantastic Cineplex “we love movies trailer”. I agree with every choice so far here. Thanks for subscribing to my blog, I’m subscribing to your as well. BTW my fav movie of my lifetime is Ordinary People. My fav of all time which includes time before my birth (duh) is Citizen Kane.

  2. Shaun of the Dead is a classic,no other movie had managed to take the horror genre and mix it up with English dry humour the way SOTD did,several movies have copied this format since, including Zombieland.

  3. Good list. Leon….OMG, what a great movie. Went to see it four days in a row. Have a massive 6ft promo poster that I begged the cinema to give me…
    Shaun of the Dead: Good. Hot Fuzz: Sublime.

  4. It’s funny – we go through the lists of stuff in the stores going Nah, Nah, Nah….but there are films that I’ll watch a million times and still watch again. Sleepy Hollow, La Haine, Subway, The Royal Tannenbaums, a lot of Ridley Scott films (but not all 🙂 )….There is a list. A long list.
    But you know what I was disappointed in? (on the Shaun of the Dead / Hot Fuzz theme) Paul. Didn’t really rate it. Wanted to, but no go. Maybe it’s just me?

  5. I am impressed with your film highlights,more so because I consider myself a film maniac but I have never seen Sleepy Hollow or Subway,(downloading now)

    I really didn’t enjoy Royal Tannenbaums,I found it depressing.
    The fact that the American producers had an artist influence in Paul the movie only explains why it doesn’t compare to Hot fuzz and SOD.

    If you enjoyed La Haine check ”The Ordeal” out.

  6. Shawshank and Leon are two of my all time favs. Glad you posted Stand by Me, quietly brilliant, a classic for the real movie buff !!

  7. My favourite movie of all time is A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe. Other favourites from the top of my head include Old Boy (Japanese), American Beauty, The Godfather and The Life of Brian. Everything on the list which I have watched I have enjoyed also 😉

  8. I do love all of those movies apart from the Godfather,I find the tone and speed of the film far to slow, I can appreciate the acting in it but I cant give it the seal of approval,thanks for the comments and thoughts 🙂

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