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6 bullets (2012) Movie review – A Van Damme borefest (for 2 hours)

This movie starts with the tag line,I once saw a baby sold for 6 bullets and I did nothing!

At first glance this looks like one of those trashy european movies,tons of unspoken extras, all looking miserable, at a second glance I realised my first glance was in fact correct, most of the actors / extras have no dialogue because they have to focus on looking tough until Van Damme swings his scissor legs into the room.

At one stage Van Damme disguises himself as a pedophile by wearing fake glasses and a goatee,apparently this is all your need,this makes me feel sorry for normal folk who wear glasses and a real goatee out of choice.

This movie has copied the plot of the film ”Taken” but instead of Van Damme searching for his own daughter he searchers for other people’s kids,when he is not busy drinking Vodka and working in a butcher’s shop! (everybody has to have a hobby)

Van Damme to his credit has improved with age,the rest of the cast range from average to terrible,this movie goes on for nearly two hours,if they had chopped an hour off they may have pulled something off that wasn’t so taxing on the patience and enjoyment part of the brain.