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England v Italy – Euro 2012 – A game of chess

Well we are one day away from the biggest game of the year,England take on Italy on Sunday with the whole of the country hoping we can play well,but would be content with a similar workman like performance seen in England’s group games.

The Italian’s this week has stated that England have copied their tactics,and that,this is the reason England have enjoyed success,this could be true to certain extent,but I feel England have more in the closet than their pizza loving friends.

Gerrard and Rooney are our only World class atttacking players,but our key to winning this game is in the team play that has been evident in this years Euro’s.

Gerrard not worried on Rooney aggression

The likey outcome will be a 0 – 0 draw and then penalties,I would prefer for England not to go down this route,it would be like flipping a two headed coin in the Italians favour.

I hope that we see the likes of Walcott and Chamberlain at some point,their pace will cause them problems, it what will be a very tight game.