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The Meyerowitz Stories (2017) Solid work but dreary and depressing.

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I normally hate movies which base the whole story on someone dying, a bit like this movie which is purposely slow, starts when relatives mainly the distant siblings all come together and try to pretend that everything is normal and everything is loving when inside there is a hidden resentment and hatred.

This movie may be very true to life and Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller & Dustin Hoffman work believably in this dark drama surrounded by wit & moans.

I definitely don’t want to see this film again, I enjoyed the actor’s,I enjoyed the performances, but it was just too dreary, Hoffman has the best lines and character, he still knows how to transfer the written word into gold on a screen.

As a side note I really hope Adam Sandler leaves all the teenage Happy Gilmore stuff alone now & focuses on some meaty roles, he has real acting talent when he is not shouting or walking around like an oversized baby, I would love to see him as a killer or a cheating husband.


Jack and Jill (2011) Movie review – Made me nauseous!

I had only heard bad things about this film,it’s not til you watch it that you really appreciate how bad this film is,Adam Sandler who I like,plays himself and his twin sister……

Both of these characters are amazingly annoying and unbelievable,Sandler always flirts with the commercial elements when making a movie,in this movie he takes all the creative writing and comedy timing out and instead whores himself out to the point of no return.

Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence gave up their self-respect years ago,I fear that Sandler could be following them down the same sad and lonely path.

The biggest shock is the fact that Al Pacino thought this movie was a good idea,not the first time he has signed up for a shocking movie(Gigli) I suppose you could excuse him based on the fact that he’s 72