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Her (2013) Movie review; Pheonix back to being a movie star at long last!

I had really low expectations for this one, It’s always nice when you expect very little from a movie and get more than you bargained for, I guess the key reason why I wasn’t looking forward to it, was because of Joaquin Pheonix, added to this the premise was supposed to be about him falling in love with his computer, that sounded far too quiet and depressing for me.

After five minutes I was glued to my screen, as mentioned I have found Joaquin’s movies hard to stomach for a while now, I find he plays roles that I struggle to relate to, or takes part in projects that to be honest bore me, I didn’t rate his portrayal of Cash because he failed to show the joy and humour of Cash, all you were left with was nut case Cash, the last time I enjoyed his work was in the epic film ” Return to Paradise” and ”Gladiator”.

Back to this film and Pheonix was outstanding, (for the first time in over a decade,) he played a man living in a future that to be honest doesn’t seem a million miles away from the truth based on today’s advancements in technology, when his private life fails he decides to turn to an operating system for love and interaction, I thought the movie would lose me at this point but they gave a plausible reason as to why this would be possible and in the end the director Spike Jonze has you on the edge of the your seat right til the end.




Facts about the film –

Samantha Morton was originally the voice of Samantha. She was present on the set with Joaquin Phoenix every day. After the filming wrapped and Spike Jonze started editing the movie, he felt like something was not right. With Morton’s blessing, he decided to recast the role and Scarlett Johansson was brought and replaced Morton, re-recording all the dialogue..


Amy Adams said writer/director Spike Jonze would essentially lock her and Joaquin Phoenix in a room together for an hour or two every other day, and make them talk to each other. Jonze did this so that the actors could get to know each other better. Adams credits this for her and Phoenix’s close friendship.


One legacy of Samantha Morton‘s casting is the name of Theodore’s operating system. Both lead female roles take the same name as their lead actresses, Amy from actress Amy Adams and Samantha from Morton, but since she had to be re-casted at the last minute, the OS’s name stayed Samantha.




American Hustle ( 2013) Movie review; Great actors in a slow and dull film

This movie had all the ingredients to be special, it’s based on true events and there are several actors pushing over themselves to get an Oscar, added to this I normally love hustler movies, my lips were truly wet in the anticipation of this film.

Apart from a few scenes and some nice dialogue in places the film really missed the mark, I love the movie ”Goodfellas”, in my opinion the director of American Hustle (David O. Russel)  was aiming for the same style when working on this feature but it just doesn’t happen.

The acting of Christian Bale was outstanding throughout, he was followed closely behind by Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams but as the film fails to capture or even pull the viewer along It all feels a bit wasted by the time you get to the end.




Man of Steel (2013) Movie review; It has super SEX appeal for the ladies

One thing that cannot be denied is the style of this ”Superman” installment, I felt with the previous efforts that the director lit his cigar as soon as the flying cape scenes were shot, everything else was surely just salad dressing….

This movie ticks many boxes that the other efforts do not, the special effects are stunning, think star wars meets superman.

The new superman is good but he fails to secure sympathy from his audience, Christopher Reeve was never ”super” cool but he did have that human geeky quality which let you feel for his superman,the new guy (Henry Cavill) doesn’t really have a geeky side, he looks like he just fell off the catwalk and I guess his biggest problem is fighting off the woman throwing themselves at him when he is not wearing his lycra blue outfit, Henry puts in a decent performance, I just don’t think he has the depth to win everybody over.

Michael Shannon was awesome as Zod, when he got mad you felt he was going to burst through the screen, equally good was Russell Crow playing superman’s dead dad,I just hope when my dad dies that he doesn’t come back to visit in a ghost form offering words of wisdom, if he was to, it would probably be to place a bet for him at my local bookies.



Man of Steel: Movie Review (2013) – The man Insurance Company’s hate!!

How many trailers does a movie need before it becomes the jigsaw of the total movie? I guessing this movie reached its quote in the lead up to the opening day! I rationed myself to the standard one as I always do and that has to be at least a year before so everything I saw has been totally erased from my fish like memory.

What a great call that was on my behalf, because the opening act to this movie caught me totally unaware. I never had any idea what was about to happen. The concept of creating another world had totally thrown me off direction. In hind sight it is what they needed to do and I was glad for it, for at least 20 minutes. Yes, it was a nice idea, but the build-up felt a little too long winded for my liking. As opening acts go, it has to be up there as one of the most action packed ever. The trouble is however how do you follow on with the rest of the movie?

“Here is how you follow”. You don’t slow down, you just keep going, action after action, it just keeps on coming, not even an hour had gone and I was totally drained. The quieter times in between all the action scenes are very rare. They just didn’t want you getting tired throughout this movie at all. For me I wanted a bit more of the getting to know you faze, but it clearly was hell bent on the here’s my strengths and watch me use them. It all sounds pretty sweet for action lovers, but honestly it was an over kill. Just when you’re getting over one building being torn to shreds, another ten fall in the wake of the macho tight wearing heroes.

I had high expectation for this movie, but….walked out slightly disappointed. The phrase, too much too soon sprang to mind. There was plenty to like, it was a huge improvement on Superman Returns, again another but….they just needed to take their foot of the accelerator a little.



The Master (2012) Movie review ; W T F !!!! :(

This movie feel’s like a bad hangover caused by a concoction of  the strongest and hardest drink and drugs available.

I truly do not know were to begin with this production,(I find it hard to call it a movie or a film,) it starts with plenty of nothing,continues with nothing and then adds a backing soundtrack of that noise that your speaker makes when your phone receives a text message.

Joaquin Phoenix is either brilliant or completely out of it,years ago before his breakdown there was no doubt that he was immensely talented,but I will never forget how badly he fared when attempted to portray Johnny Cash,he made Cash look like a miserable depressing character,I think we saw more of the real Phoenix in Cash than we did of Cash.

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adam’s are very distinguished actors,they bring a bit of credit to a ”production” that up until their arrival was slipping into oblivion.

In my honest opinion they should have cut out the first forty minutes of the film,I don’t think it serves any real purpose and only makes the viewer turn off or tune out,maybe this is an artistic move in making people scratch their head but once the film begins (at the 40min’ mark) it’s pretty powerful,but I can’t sit here and say I enjoyed it or recommend it to anyone,I don’t understand how thousands of scripts can pass through a Hollywood desk and this is the one that Paul Thomas Anderson decides to make,maybe he got lost in his own writing and did not see the bigger picture.



The Master(2012): Movie Review – Good but not quite masterful

You can understand why Joaquin Phoenix gets the nod for his little gold figurine after watching The Master. Even though Phillip Seymour plays The Master in the movie it’s Phoenix who put in the master class of acting. Everyone knows about Phoenix’s public melt down a few year back! When he decided he was quitting the movie business and becoming a rapper? When watching this movie I was constantly asking myself? How hard he needed to act as the guy close to the edge or how much of it was closer to the bone then we were to believe.  Either way, his pain was our gain!

He plays a naval veteran, with a serious drinking problem. So serious that your standard highest proof alcohol doesn’t really cut the grade with is intoxications. Along the way he makes specially made concoction that suits his level of euphoric pleasure. One night while roaming the docks he finds a ship that looks suitable for his inebriated needs. When he comes to it seems that the ship was his destiny!

Phillip Seymour Hoffman plays the master of a cult that’s name is not really mentioned. Like any cult leader his ideas are purely open to change, when the change suits his needs of course. When Freddie (Phoenix) shows up Lancaster Dodd (Hoffman) sees him as a project he would like to work with. The trouble being is how do you train a wild animal?

The story is very engaging and the characters dialogue is always original when Paul Thomas Anderson is involved. They only gripe I have with his movies is that he sometimes losses his way. There’s many times where the movie could have been ended, but he fails to finish it where you expect and rather leaves you asking why! It’s just a minor problem though; I seem to enjoy the company of his movies every time.



Trouble with the Curve: Movie Review- Plenty of gruff but not enough bite!

Clint plays a self-hating Baseball scout, whose age is starting to catch up with him. With the age of technology and youth and the sound of retirement ringing in his ears, Gus has one more chance to prove his worth. Micky (Amy Adams) is asked to accompany Gus by a worried friend and college who fears that his health is deteriorating, but on the other hand still believes Gus is the best in the business.

Micky begrudgingly agrees! She knows it’s not going to be easy as Gus thinks he knows best and taking advice from her is like the banks taking advice from the government. What Gus soon starts to see is that her upbringing has been based around his career as a scout and she knows a little about the game too.

The movie itself never really finds answers to the questions being asked throughout. It plods along at a very steady pace throughout. It just doesn’t have the bite you want to see. I’m a big Eastwood fan, but I’m not sure he was powerful enough to pull of Gus; it seemed to hard a job to really push the emotions too far. Amy Adams was ok, but needed a little more fire in the belly! Being the daughter of Gus. Justin Timberlake plays his part well, probably my favourite performance of his to date, but that’s not too hard considering some of the shit he’s made.

I hope this wasn’t Eastwood’s swan song as Gran Torino was supposed to be, that would have been a great ending to a career! This was more like a balloon escaping your grasp before tying the knot.

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