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The Counselor ( 2013) Movie review; One BIG failing speech !

I was really disappointed with this film, to have so much talent at your disposal and do nothing of value with it is an artistic crime, when I say talent I am talking about;-

* Michael Fassbender

* Javier Bardem

* Brad Pitt

The number one crime, which is a unusal criticism, is that 80 % of the cast are giving speeches, I don’t mean at an awards due, just in their dialogue, with the likes of Cameron Diaz giving long boring speeches on life and what it takes to become dominant in life, give me a break Cameron, but she is not alone, apart from Michael Fassbender who plays a clueless sheep throughout, everyone else just loves the sound of their own voice, the style is so over the top that it looks like some well-known names can’t act, I am not saying they can’t, I just think they struggled with the direction of this film and the terrible lines written for them, you always have a wise owl in this type of film, this film has five wise owls!, this would be laughable if it wasn’t for the fact that the speeches go on and on and on………………………




Killing them softly (2012) Movie review – A real treat of a movie that reeks of class! 8/10

One of best starts to a movie I have seen in a long time,you land right in the middle of the action,there is no introduction to characters,just straight to the meat of the movie; without any starters.

If there was competition for creating cool dialogue and super cool scenes Tarantino and the Coen brothers would be up there,well I can safely say that this director(Andrew Dominik – Chopper 2000) is following nicely behind.

The special effects used in this movie are truly outstanding, people can rave on about the matrix which gave you a licence to fly around a room, in this film they have effects that blow your mind because of the attention to detail,from a bullet leaving a gun,to the bullet hitting the window and exploding into pieces while some poor guys brain is being torn apart by the impact,all this made even more impressive as it is shown in slow motion.

There are so many good performances in this movie,but I have to single out James Gandolfini, he plays a hitman who suffers with many emotional problems,one being his denial to admit he’s in love and secondly his jealousy, which is tearing him apart,you truly feel his pain and at one point he made me shudder as he performance went straight past good and stopped at pure genius.

Brad Pitt is his cool self,but the key to the originality in this movie is the fact there is no lead characters, each person gets roughly the same screen time and you are never quite sure what is going to happen which is a treat for a film nut like me who is very rarely surprised by the outcome of most modern-day films.

A real treat of a movie that reeks of class.



Moneyball – Movie review – The Sam Allardyce of the baseball leagues.

Another movie that seemed to go under the radar last year,its a true story about a manager of a baseball team that is struggling financially,with this in mind Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) decides to take a different tact and employ a youngster (Jonah Hill) who has a different way of building baseball teams on a string budget.

One of Brad Pitts best roles in a while,Billy Beane can be a bit of a arsehol* at times,Pitt plays this role very well, to the point that you actually enjoy him being rude to people.

Jonah Hill shows good range in this low key role for him.