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Wanderlust: Movie Review- So dull, even dull was bored.

Oh Jenifer, Your Beauty is undeniable I have to admit you are my guilty pleasure, even though you pain with your acting skill, your beauty always transfixed me. I can always find a way of defending you in someway….”but that has to stop now”. Jeez Louise, she was just damn right awful in this movie. Like I said I will normally throw her a life line, I know she is a one trick pony, but when your one trick starts to fail than its time to let her sink. “This is the movie business not the beauty business”. It was the horrible bosses movie that got me, that was supposed to be her shinning moment, to show she had some different skills( fart noise),forget it Jen, you should have given Brad the children he desired and let him do the acting, because the I want to concentrate on my career” hasn’t really worked out has it?”

Side note to Paul Rudd, you can piss off as well, man was someone holding a gun to your head when you signed this contract. He thought.” Oh well if she can do it, why can’t I”.

If you have ever seen the episode of South Park when Kyle wakes one morning and everything he hears on TV is just fart noises, then this is that movie.

P.S  If you ever see that David Wain has written or directed a movie, avoid it like an Eddie Murphy Film.