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The Book of Eli: Movie Review


I think I must have started watching this film about three times in the past year and fell asleep all of those times. Is this a warning that the film was not good or was I just not in the right frame of mind to watch.

Anyhow, I finally got around to starting and finishing this movie yesterday. Have I been missing that piece to my jigsaw? I don’t think so.

It must have been down to the reason of what I think of it now. It’s Madmax with a larger budget and a more accomplished actors.

Instead of fuel though the scarce commodity is water. Denzel Washington is always a great screen presence, In this flick it is no different. The story goes like this, Denzel is on a mission one to quench his thirst for clean water and the other is God.

Staring as his nemesis is no other than Gary Oldman, another great screen presence. Mix these two together and what have you got? A dud is you ask me,  you know the budget is big, but it looked cheaper than Ikea furniture.  Probably could have drawn better sets. I understand now why they used a black and white theme mixed with a few shades of brown.

I enjoyed watching both Washington and Oldman, their chemistry was not bad together , it was the movies chemistry that sucked.