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Boyhood(2014) Movie review; amazing idea, but …

When I read that this film was shot every year for the past twelve years, following the same cast I could not wait to watch it, for the first quarter of the film I was mesmerised by the cleverness of the idea and development on the screen, to follow a boy of 5 up until he is 18 is quite amazing, the film is life within a life, it’s the closest I think we will ever get to the Trueman show, but let’s not forget, this cast agreed to act, not be monitored.

So did it work, I would have to say no, the idea was fresh and original but I found myself watching out of intrigue in the physical changes and not the story that was being told, you know sometimes when a movie ends and you are left to wonder if the characters go on to lead a sweet and happy life, well this film proves that it is better to live with the fantasy than the reality of life, that is why we watch films in most cases, this film is a little too close to life in the fact that it is quite boring and dreary(compared to the movies) not a lot happens which is a crime when you think that the director had 12 years to re-edit the script.

Worthy of a watch by all, more for the experience than the viewing pleasure.