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Watching England with strangers ……

Joining my new place of work, based two hours from my home for the next three weeks(Training), 3 guys and 5 girls…..

Whats the plan tonight comes the shout as we leave the office,a few ideas spring up,the local pub quiz ?,the cinema ?,when I get asked what I’m doing,I reply with annoyance,England ?

Ohhh yes,came the general response from the people in my group,lets cook up a Thai curry…. whose apartment should we go to ? what nibbles shall we bring for the game…..

Part of me felt like saying, I would prefer to watch it alone,but then I guess that would make me a miserable bastard as they all seemed so keen.

England v Ukraine – Tuesday the 19th June 2012

The seven people(strangers) arrive……

It started off with a very camp gentlemen,who swore he wasn’t gay,saying that he hopes England play well,and that the only reason he is hoping,is because he loves to sing the Three lions song,!!!!!!!!!

***********GAME KICKS OFF *******************

One of the girls asks,are England any good ? ….. I thought England were rubbish, why do you watch ?

********TEN MINUTES IN *********************

All I can hear at this point is conversations going on around me,two girls talking about make up and hair product,another two talking about a soap opera,womans clothes……NO ONE IS WATCHING THE GAME!

At this point I pull out a machete and begin swinging at all these people’s heads,I threw one person out of a window,set another on fire,made one girl swallow the remote control…………………………

And then I snapped back into reality,the stupid questions continued,the best came with ten minutes to go,do England play in white or yellow ?

I managed to finish 3 bottles of red wine,it was my way of dealing with the frustration and not murdering everyone.

England 1 Ukraine 0 (Rooney)

I have little memory of the game,I woke up the following day trying my best to hide one of the worst hangovers in my history.