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Gravity (2013) Movie review; My date with Sandra Bullock

This movie felt like a date with Sandra Bullock, the atmosphere throughout the date was dead, Sandra looked pale and showed little emotion apart from when she was talking about how depressing her own life was, moments of joy that I tried to take out of the date were filled with heavy breathing and emotional looks, mainly from her, I contemplated making my excuses early and leaving but Sandra insisted that even though the date had been really boring up until now, she in fact knew a story about a boring space girl saving herself, I insisted that the only thing that would her improve her story would be a quick death! … in the end I was praying for this ”date” to end, it just seemed to go on and on, the characters did nothing for me, I felt more for a slug I flushed down the toilet the previous week, only my story about the slug was much more interesting than this film ( Revenge of the killer slugs, coming soon – Summer 2014).

Apart from Bullocks constant panting the only other plus point was the special effects seen in space,

so if you like space special effects,

fill your boots.



Ides of March – Movie review – I think I have a man crush on Ryan Gosling!

Let me start by saying that I am happily married and have never felt an urge to cross the river of sexuality.

That being said,I think after seeing Ryan Gosling in the movie Driver,I seemed to have, what I can only describe as a man crush,this is fourth Gosling film I have seen in as many months and I cant find a bad word to say about the guy.

Back to Ides of March, this movie fully deserves all the acolades it received when released.

The movie is based around a campaign manager and the politics surrounding the winning of votes.

Clooney and Gosling have great screen chemistry,I hope for the sake of future films that this is not the last time they work together.

Smart Movie.