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X men:first class(2011) Movie review; I only watched this because of Kevin Bacon, I loved it!!

I only watched this because of Kevin Bacon,I was half expecting to be turned off by the super geeky references to the comic book but enjoy Bacon’s performance all the same,well I have to swallow my negative presumptions and say this movie is great,if like me, and you have no time for comic book characters,fear not,this movie is the prequel that actually works.

The characters are interesting and the director teases you with their special powers so you end up being intrigued from start to end.

Kevin Bacon was immense in his bit, he shockingly pulled of the Russian and German accent as if were fluent in both languages,such a smart move by the casting director to pick Bacon,one reason is it made me watch and the 2nd, being that he is just perfect for the role.