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Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) Movie review; Great sound & Beautiful film.

I find it hard to put my finger on why the Coen brothers manage to produce cool films, I had forgotten this was a Coen film until the titles came up at the end even though the style should have been a big clue while  I was watching, they seem to be able to strip back a characters bullshit and leave it open for all to see, there is very little front in a Coen character, instead you normally just get the truth smacking you in the face.

As I am a smart ass I was second guessing where this movie was going or how it was going to end, I was wrong on both counts and even though this movie is not a classic there are real moments throughout that highlight what film making is all about; to excite, to bring something new, to make the viewer feel something more than a casual glance into a fictional story.

(My heart sank when I saw Justin Timberlake, my brain cannot condone Timberlake as an actor, I was very relieved to find out he was only in the film for five minutes)



Interesting facts –

Llewyn Davis is a fictional character, not based on the life of Dave Van Ronk. However, the creative spark for making this movie came from Van Ronk’s memoir “The Mayor of MacDougal Street”. The film looks at the Greenwich Village music scene in and around the real-life clubs Gaslight Cafe and Gerde’s Folk City.


The Coens also told interviewer Terry Gross that working with multiple cats on the set was very difficult, and that they ended up disliking cats in general, largely because of their experience with them on this film. They also said that even the trained vulture they had worked with making True Grit (2010) was preferable to the cats they had to deal with, even though that trained bird of prey had been, “by vulture standards, probably a stupid vulture.”




Flight (2012) Movie review – Blah Denzel

I like Denzel, he is always impressive when ever he goes on a rant and has the ability to capture and steal a scene.

He plays an airline pilot who has a drink problem,you can imagine the fun that prevails…,the story is interesting without it being thrilling,as much as I enjoy Denzel I found myself losing interest quickly,it just felt like a safe performance from Mr Washington,when you compare people such as Nicolas Cage who have took playing a drunk to a new level,Denzels performance kind of leaves you non plussed.

John Goodman’s cameo appearance was pure joy which made me wish the camera followed his character each time he left the room.

OK, but forgettable.



Argo: Movie Review – This is the best bad idea by far

Ben Affleck sure is starting to make a good name for himself as a director and it’s well deserved too. This is his third motion picture and by far the best yet. Now that’s a big statement because his first two were great movie, especially Gone Baby gone, I put that up there as one of the best debuts from a director. He definitely knows what he is doing behind the camera. He made a movie that could easily have been tricky to catch the eye, but he made it look effortless. The script was superb, not once did it lose itself, the dialogue was sharp and crisp. I was totally sucked into the story the whole way through, talk about tenterhooks at the end.

My stomach was in knots from the suspense, that doesn’t happen too often nowadays from a movie.

It’s a shame 2012 was such a great year for movies because he would definitely been in with a shout for best director any other year. I think he will be back in the future with something even more impressive.



Trouble with the Curve: Movie Review- Plenty of gruff but not enough bite!

Clint plays a self-hating Baseball scout, whose age is starting to catch up with him. With the age of technology and youth and the sound of retirement ringing in his ears, Gus has one more chance to prove his worth. Micky (Amy Adams) is asked to accompany Gus by a worried friend and college who fears that his health is deteriorating, but on the other hand still believes Gus is the best in the business.

Micky begrudgingly agrees! She knows it’s not going to be easy as Gus thinks he knows best and taking advice from her is like the banks taking advice from the government. What Gus soon starts to see is that her upbringing has been based around his career as a scout and she knows a little about the game too.

The movie itself never really finds answers to the questions being asked throughout. It plods along at a very steady pace throughout. It just doesn’t have the bite you want to see. I’m a big Eastwood fan, but I’m not sure he was powerful enough to pull of Gus; it seemed to hard a job to really push the emotions too far. Amy Adams was ok, but needed a little more fire in the belly! Being the daughter of Gus. Justin Timberlake plays his part well, probably my favourite performance of his to date, but that’s not too hard considering some of the shit he’s made.

I hope this wasn’t Eastwood’s swan song as Gran Torino was supposed to be, that would have been a great ending to a career! This was more like a balloon escaping your grasp before tying the knot.

A steady