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‘Criminal Activities’Trying to be too clever.film review 2015

criminal-activities02The film starts off well, a group of friends meet up over coffee and one of them mentions that he has a friend with information about stock that is only going up in the near future, they all agree to go in it together and raise the funds to invest.

The movie then copies the theme to Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and creates a sense of panic and a need to raise a certain amount of money before their lives become threatened.

It was nice to see Michael Pitt again after ‘Boardwalk Empire’ & ‘Funny Games’ but the scene stopping moment comes when John Travolta shows up with his new wig, I say wig, I am guessing it is some kind of implant,black paint,superglue attachment, either way a close friend should have pulled him to one side and told him to grow old gracefully or go and get some fake hair that actually looks like hair, not the stinky raccoon he is using at the moment.

Back to the film and it just tried to hard to be slick and clever, a lot of the plot and dialogue has been used for similar films in the last twenty years and by the time the big reveal comes near the end,I just did not care.




Killing Season (2013) Movie review; The movie is wide of the mark

De Niro and Travolta together on the big screen..they are both trying to kill each other,.. this must be action gold surely ?

Well I am afraid not, it starts off OK, (as these things usually do ) but it slowly turns into a juggling act of, now I am going to kill you but I am gonna be long-winded about it so this will give you the time you need to escape and gain the advantage.

The film lacked any real smarts, if you are going to write a movie that only includes two actors the writing has to be something pretty special, in this case it is not,when the end comes you are relieved and not enthralled.

I love both these actors but this film is wide of the mark, the only positive would be the special effect in the movie with regards to injuries and scars,if this turns you on then this is the movie for you.