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22 Jump Street (2014) Movie Review – Zero Jump in this Street!

When 21 Jump street was released I thought I would hate it, but there was something about Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum’s relationship that had great comedy chemistry.

So onto the sequel in the form of 22 Jump Street, I pre warned my cheeks for laughing but no real warning was necessary, there were moments throughout that were mildly amusing but in general this version did not have the same bite that the original delivered.

In the first film there was an innocence to both characters, Jonah was a bit of a loser while Tatum was a dick, both characters were likeable in their own way, it was very easy to enjoy the journey of the film, added to this it was flowing in satire.

This is not on show in 22 Jump Street, both guys have no journey to go on, Tatum flirts with being a pro footballer while Jonah falls for another girl, there is a nice montage of mick tacking follow-up films when the credits arrive when the film has finished, I wish the film was leaning more to these jokes rather than just a poor imitation of the first film.



Facts about the film

Kurt Russell mentioned that his son Wyatt turned down a role for The Hunger Games sequels to star in 22 Jump Street.

During the parents weekend luncheon, Mrs. Dickson (Queen Latifah) mentions that she’s “straight outta Compton,” paying homage to the 1988 album that put Ice Cube (Captain Dickson) and his hip hop group N.W.A on the map.


The Wolf of Wall St (2013) Movie review;This has to be my film of 2013, to be honest, nothing else comes close.

Every now an again you come across a movie that moves you, watching the movie itself becomes an experience,  this movie was one hell of journey that I would happily revisit in years to come, DiCaprio is now officially the king of Hollywood and king of the movies, De Niro was once known as an actor that held danger in his performance, he had the ability to make you laugh and scare you to death, all within the same minute, DiCaprio has now taken over his mantle and blew his audience and other performers out of the water.

Matthew McConaughey looks ill, I know he recently made a film were he had to lose weight but it looks like he did not have time to put the weight back on for this film, it’s my only negative about this film.

Dicaprio plays Jordan Belfort, the story is about his life and in starting a less than straight forward stock broking firm, one of my favourite films is Boiler room, this movie is about the same guys, but more so focusing on the head honcho rather than the milk boy.

Jonah Hill had no problem putting the weight back on for this film and takes part in one of the most entertaining double acts that I have seen on-screen in years, with ” Money Ball” and now this Jonah is slowly becoming an actor to take seriously, his stand out scene on the phone was truly hilarious.

Overall I love this film, it feels sexy and dangerous, it’s more about ego than anything else, the style of the film just shines off the page, This has to be my film of 2013, to be honest, nothing else comes close.



Facts about the film –

Real-life Jordan Belfort appears in a brief role in the film’s final scene, introducing his cinema stand-in Leonardo DiCaprio. As accurately portrayed, Belfort is now a motivational speaker who previously served 22 months in federal prison for stock fraud.

The actors snorted crushed B vitamins for scenes involving cocaine. Although their noses felt uncomfortable, it gave them more energy to perform their scenes.

Matthew McConaughey improvised the scene when his character hums while beating his chest. In fact, through much of the movie, dialogue was frequently improvised.

Jordan Belfort coached DiCaprio on his behavior, especially instructing him in the various ways he had reacted to the Quaaludes he abused as well as his drugged confrontation with Danny Porush.

Margot Robbie has revealed that she accidentally slapped Leonardo DiCaprio more violently than she intended to while shooting a scene , she got a little lost in the moment and slapped his face and said “Fuck You”, there was a stunned silence on the set and then all of them burst out laughing, but she feared that DiCaprio would sue her for it, she apologized, but he was impressed with her courage and asked her to hit him again.

The real life, Mark Hanna, who was portrayed by Matthew McConaughey, stated he bought 25% of Belfort’s business and worked with him for two more years. This was not depicted in the film.

Leonardo DiCaprio says that he and Martin Scorsese were able to ‘push the envelope’ with their depiction of over-the-top sexual acts and scenes in “Wolf” and ‘make the movie they wanted to’ primarily because the production was financed independently,and not by any major studio. Scorsese did however edit some sexual content and nudity to avoid an NC-17 rating at the request of the MPAA.

During the search for the right Donnie Azoff, Martin Scorsese had requested a meeting with Jonah Hill, but Hill demanded he audition for the part. It was Hill’s first audition in six years.

Chris Evans and Joseph Gordon-Levitt auditioned for a role.

A young Steve Buscemi briefly appears on screen in a 1987 episode of The Equalizer (1985) that Max Belfort (Rob Reiner) is watching on TV at home.

Martin Scorsese:  as the voice of John, the first client, that Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) sells Arotyne IND penny stocks.


This is the end (2013) Movie review; A funny and surprising movie

When I saw the advert for this I thought it would be a lame and gradually tiresome, to my delight it was neither.

The cast is pretty much the stars of every comedy that has been released over the last five years, the angle is interesting on the basis that the stars play themselves, in a nod to Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchants extra’s, Seth Rogan proves that he is more than just a fat hairy face.

With the stars forced to produce a version of themselves, the results are surprisingly entertaining as well as very funny.



Cyrus: Movie Review (2010)

Well here is another installment of the Duplass brothers, written and directed. In this flick it has a guy of which I am not to keen on, John C. Reilly, so maybe  this was going to be a test of their skills and my tolerance to see if they could pull it off.

They actually pulled it off, I sat through a whole movie with Mr Reilly and didn’t wanna jump in the screen and pull off that silly looking rubber face of his. I just like the way these guys take a story that should be legless and turn it into something rather amusing. They have a real talent for script writing. If they can turn my thoughts around of John C. Reilly, albeit for just one movie then I salute you.

The movie start out with John (John C. Reilly) being told by his ex-wife that she is getting re-married. He struggles to believe they not getting back together after 7 years apart. She invites him to a party the following day to try to get him to start meeting girls again, he refusing, but her persistence pays of in the end.

While at the party the out of practice John meets Molly (Marisa Tomei) who see’s the crazy side of John rather amusing. After the one night stand she leaves through the back door, leaving her number for John to call. The desperate John does n’t waste time making contact. They arrange to meet again that night. As she tries to sneak off again without being seen John questions her secrecy.

Not happy with her explanation he tails her to a house that looks unlike a single persons. The next Morning he awakes in his car still at the mystery house. H e decides to take a peep, as he tries sneaking up the stairs Cyrus (her son, Jonah Hill)  is waiting to greet him.

He soon finds himself inside the house being warmly hosted by the equally weird Cyrus. John cant quiet  believe his luck finding a beautiful girl like Molly. So something has to give or someone!


The film does come under comedy/drama/romance, I will be honest there are a few chuckles, to me though its more about the dialogue. Most of these type of movie are quiet generic when it come to dialogue, but these guys have found a formula that works. The three main actors in this movie play characters that i’ve not seen them do before or maybe that me loving what they did here.

Lets not get carried away though, it’s not that great, but the future looks good for the directors.





Moneyball – Movie review – The Sam Allardyce of the baseball leagues.

Another movie that seemed to go under the radar last year,its a true story about a manager of a baseball team that is struggling financially,with this in mind Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) decides to take a different tact and employ a youngster (Jonah Hill) who has a different way of building baseball teams on a string budget.

One of Brad Pitts best roles in a while,Billy Beane can be a bit of a arsehol* at times,Pitt plays this role very well, to the point that you actually enjoy him being rude to people.

Jonah Hill shows good range in this low key role for him.