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My Week With Marilyn (2011) Movie review – Nice,sweet film

I went into this movie with no expectations,everybody has heard of Monroe,mainly due to her being the first big movie star,if she wasn’t the best,then she was certainly the most famous.

A film runner strikes up a relationship with Marilyn while she is filming a UK film with Laurence Olivier.

The movie is supposed to be a true account,in this case it’s very hard to confirm this as the sweet lady has passed,if her portrayal in this movie is anything to go by,she was a complete diva / nutter,but you cannot deny her beauty and charm.

The most impressive actor in this film is Kenneth Branagh,I fell completely into his believable performance of Laurence Olivier,to the point that I was more interested in him,than I was in Marilyn,strange I know,but there was something intriging about a famous man dealing with an actress and her petty problems.

I wish Branagh would allow himself to do more commercial movies,he has the talent,but instead seems to be wasted on period pieces that I do not care for.

A feel good film with a strong cast.



My week with Marilyn: Film Review

On a 12 hour flight to East Asia all you ask for is a good choice of movies to past the time. This was the newest movie I have not seen of late. I guess that’s my fault for watching all the latest movies before this journey.

Marilyn come to the UK to film a movie” The Prince and the Showgirl”. The story is based around  her struggle with Lawrence Olivier as he finds it hard going to get the best out of the overly pampered Monroe. Marilyn meets her match in Olivier as this time she can not just show up and pout  and raise her finger to her lips in the quiet please  pose.

Marilyn was  never to far away from male attention. While she is filming in England that doesn’t change. Colin Clark an eager film student who blag’s his way into the production soon falls under Marilyn’s spell. As she finds the going tough, Colin is there to pick her up. And pick her he try’s.

Michelle Williams who portrays Marilyn Monroe does a good job of portraying her, if the impression they were going for was some who is shallow and needed ego bust every five minutes. I’m never have been a Monroe fan myself, she was before my time to understand her hype. Every time ive seen her act or sings I was always left wondering “is she joking”. Also if I was president Kennedy and she sang that happy birthday song to me, I would have pissed my self laughing. In today Hollywood she would have gotten nowhere.

As for this movie, I found it very slow and frustrating, there was not much of a story to be told. Not enough for a movie anyway. I’m guessing there are far more interesting story’s to be told about her life  then what we got here. We didn’t need more Brits showing the Americans that “hey we really can act, along side you”.

made my flight feel 3hours longer