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Sex Tape (2014) Movie Review – A patronizing film with no chemistry!

This movie patronizes the majority of its audience and alienates the rest, I remember before I got married and had kids, I would always see films that represented young parents and feel quite nauseous, there seemed something quite depressing about their plight that I could not relate to, now I have kids and have slept what feels like a million sleepless nights, I feel patronized by these type of films, but more so in this film.

It’s a film about how a couples sex drive disappears when they have a couple of kids, you never really see any relationship between the parents and the kids so from the off you don’t really believe that Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are parents, added to this they don’t seem like a convincing couple, I don’t buy that they like each other, never mind love each other, there is no on screen chemistry, which leaves you with a lot of over the top reactions.

Plot, they make a porn film that gets shared with all their friends and family. #YAWN!!!!!!!!



Groundhog Day(1993) Movie review – Bill Murray is the god of sarcasm

I fell in love with Bill Murray when I saw Ghost busters as a kid,back when I was ten,I presumed he was just a cool character,but having seen so many movies over the years I have come to really appreciate how special and funny Bill is.

The general Joe out there does not walk round with a smile on his face,with the stress of life or whatever is on your mind,most people rarely laugh when they are surrounded by stangers or co workers, its always a minor victory to place the perfect sarcastic comment,in the most unthinkable situations.

Bill is the master of sarcasm,he delivers his humour to people with such dead pan delivery that people who do not pick up the humour just presume he is weird or odd.

Groundhog day is a fantastic movie,if you had to play out the same day,everyday ,what would you do,no consequences,no tomorrow,no worries!

Some great quotes :

After finishing his drink at the bar,Hey can I have another one of these but with some booze in it!

[Driving down the railroad tracks toward an approaching train]
Phil: I’m betting he’s going to swerve first.

Phil: I don’t suppose there’s any chance of a espresso or cappuccino?
Mrs. Lancaster: [confused look] Oh, I don’t know…
Phil: [turns away, to self] … how to /spell/ espresso or cappuccino.



The Veteran (2011)Movie review – Toby Kebbell is the new Pacino but this film sucks!

I loved Tony Kebbell in Rock and Roller,a star was born in my eyes,if you compare his character in that movie to the one he plays in Dead man’s shoes, it truly shows how gifted Kebbell is,that said,one man doesn’t make a football team,and one man does not make a great movie.

(His total time on screen( above) –  3 mins)

The Veteran’s concept was not bad,guy returns from war,gets hired to do some private undercover work, while also dealing with the local scumbag’s on his street corners.


Apart from Kebbell and the Scottish lead,Tony Curran,the rest of the cast cannot act,it feels like a school play at times,that’s how low the level gets,I’m sure the budget was the biggest reason for this, but the movie feels like a beautifully cooked meal,just as you are anticipating the delicious taste, you spot a huge ginger hair growing out of your food,you swap you appetite for anger and wish the cook had decided against putting his hat on that night.

Kebbell, in my opinion is one of the best actors in the business,he has young shoulders but hopefully if his agent can find him the right parts he will soon become a legend!



Project X – (2012) Movie review – refreshing movie

A trio of unpopular guys decide there is only one way to increase their popularity at school,throw a huge house party while their parents are away….

This film idea is not unique but the style of the film is,the majority of the movie is filmed by one of their school friends, so it kind of feels like a home-made movie at times,rather than the annoying Blair witch crap,this camera shot feels like you are viewing something you shouldn’t be allowed to see,there is nothing cliché about what unfolds,the humour is as far removed from the American Pie franchise as it could possibly be,which is a refreshingly good thing!




Chronicle (2012) One of the best films of 2012

I watched this on the plane last night,I presumed it was another superhero/super power movie in the same style as Jumper,how wrong could I be,something happens to three young school kids which means their lives will be changed forever,cliche story ? possibly,I suppose if you broke down the recent Avengers movie, each character would have a moment in time which changes who they are forever.

The big difference with this movie ? there is no one to save,there is no hero element,the premise is just this,if you picked up super powers tomorrow,what would you do with them ?

The creators explore this area to a degree which I don’t think has been matched before.

I really enjoyed this movie,its original,dark,funny and interesting.



Untouchables – 2011 – Simply outstanding 10/10


If you just want to be surprised by a film,please do not continue reading,just sit back and enjoy this movie as I did on my longhaul flight yesterday,

I had pre conceived ideas about this movie,from the adverts I presumed it was about a quirky helper who goes on an adventure of learning with a disabled man,there is this of course, but there is a hell of a lot more.

Francois Cluzet plays a man who is crippled from the neck down,when Phillips staff interview ideal candidates for the role of his new carer,Omar Sy (Driss) was not what they had in mind.

Before thinking its all straight shooting from here on in, the movie takes a very genuine divert to an honest road,full of pain and sarcasm,both men have their problems,both men are direct and charming without a sense of their characters being forced upon you.

The movie is based on a true story which reflects its unique feel and direction.

This movie has my seal of approval,I found it very funny and heart felt with outstanding writing throughout.



How I spent my summer vacation,Movie review – Great film

I’m not sure why the film makers decided on using two names for the film,depending on where you live,it’s,How I spent my summer vacation or Get the Gringo,I prefer the Gringo title,it relates to the film,while the vacation title sounds like a Julia Roberts rom’ com.

Back to this film and I was impressed,Mel Gibson seems to split the room lately,but if we are talking about talent,Mel is one of my favourite actors /directors,some of my favourite films include Apocolypto and Payback.

Mel plays a mysterious bad egg who find’s himself in trouble with the Mexican police,the back drop and the story are original,while the action comes together with style and excitement.

Mel is back to his best!



Side note – This movie has outstanding special effects

Tim and Eric’s Billion dollar movie – movie review – painful and boring

I like the Youtube set up of Funny or Die,sometimes you get weird and funny stuff,sometimes you get Tim and Eric,im guessing from other reviews that they have a slot on SNL in America,I have never seen it and have no urge to,there are some funny stars in this movie,Eric & Tim not included, in this unfunny parody of a bunch of camp simple guys trying to make a movie.

A few highlights – Jeff Goldblums speech at the start.

And any time Will Ferrell or Will Forte are on screen,which is around 2 mins in total.



Back to the future – Movie review – Going back in time!

I decided to to go back to the future and visit this classic movie,there is something special about BTTF.

The movie seems to embody all of America,Bright blue Sky’s,80’s power ballads,blue denims and the picture of promise and youth delivered by Michael J Fox.

I’ve probably watched it over a hundred times over the years,I still promise myself that before I die I will jump on a skateboard and try and hitch a ride into town without the owner of the jeep smacking me in the face.

A good guy is nothing without his bad guy,Biff shows some real attitude at times in this family movie,now days they make kids movies but you never really get the impression the bad guy could really hurt you,Biff leaves you with this impression that pain is coming your way.

And finally Doc,woudn’t it be great if Doc lived around the corner from you as a kid,I always found it weird how Marty never seem to appreciate that most kids didn’t have crazy inventors as their best friend,that let him use his huge amp to blow stuff up,or maybe it’s weird that Marty doesn’t seem to have any genuine friends in this movie,either way there has never been a character written that was as wacky as Doc,and I doubt there ever will be in the future.



Moneyball – Movie review – The Sam Allardyce of the baseball leagues.

Another movie that seemed to go under the radar last year,its a true story about a manager of a baseball team that is struggling financially,with this in mind Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) decides to take a different tact and employ a youngster (Jonah Hill) who has a different way of building baseball teams on a string budget.

One of Brad Pitts best roles in a while,Billy Beane can be a bit of a arsehol* at times,Pitt plays this role very well, to the point that you actually enjoy him being rude to people.

Jonah Hill shows good range in this low key role for him.