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Wee Man (2013) Movie review; Another scary gangster flick from the UK… Yawn!

This is not a bad movie, but I have to say this type of film has had it’s day in my opinion,it’s a true to life gangster flick about a well known hooligan with a heart from Glasgow.

Paul Ferris is mild mannered nutter who lives by a code, he doesn’t grass on people and he lets no one take the piss out of him, this results in Paul spending a long time behind bars which when you think about it doesn’t sound too smart.

In my teens I would have lapped this type of film up,lots of fighting and people walking round without a care in the world, now it just looks pathetic, in real life these people suffer with a poor upbringing and as a result have a moral code of sewer rat.

I did not find Paul’s life all that interesting, if you looked hard enough you could find several Paul’s scattered around most UK cities,I thought the lead put in a good performance but I have to agree with other blogs that say that Robert Carlyle was the only man that could have made this film better.