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John dies in the end ( 2012) Movie review; Unwatchable

This is the type of movie that looks fun when you see the trailer, not so much fun when you are faced with the challenge of watching the whole film, the feel and humour of the film are just way off course, it’s so off course I don’t even think the director knew what he was trying to achieve.

After fighting the impulse to turn this sh*te off after ten minutes I lasted to the thirty minute mark and could not resist any longer.

So my review is for the first thirty minutes, I will have to live with missing the rest of the film!



Win Win (2011): Movie Review- is there any role Paul Giamatti can’t do?

I wonder how I missed this last year!  There’s not too much Paul Giamatti does that I don’t see, I guess I wasn’t using imdb a great deal back then. Also noticed the director of the movie was Thomas McCarthy, who’s two other previous projects I rather enjoyed, The Station Agent and The Visitor.

Mike (Giamatti) who is struggling to keep his business afloat, finds a loop hole to help him out of a fanatical mess which involves one of his clients. The plan is simple he will be guardian to the client as to stop the state putting him into a home, which Mike will receive and nice monthly check for his kindness. The trouble being, Mike doesn’t have time to look after Leo (Burt Young), so he ships him off to the home anyway, still taking the monthly check. When Leo’s grandson comes looking for his granddad, Mike has to think quickly on his toes. Somehow he ends up taking him in to his home, where he ends up wrestling for Mikes below average wrestling team. He transforms the team’s fortunes around and seems to be in control of the demons he is carrying around. It’s not too long before the person who gave him those demons appears sand sends everything Mike has been hiding into the clear open.

It’s a immorally wrong story that happen to have a good message at the end. Mike is a hard guy not to like, all he is trying to do the best for his family. Giamatti is always a pleasure to watch, of course it’s not his greatest role he’s ever going to play, but still enjoyable. His fellow cast are equally as charming throughout. There are some real laughs all the way through this movie and heart felt moments that make it good fun for the whole family.