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Here comes the Boom(2012): Movie Review- Doug Heffernan turns to MMA

Unfortunately for Kevin James this movie is going to take a good kicking from the non-mma (mixed martial arts) fans. I have already heard some nasty reviews and if I wasn’t a fan myself of mma then I would probably be joining the queue with some foul-mouthed rant about how piss poor this movie was! ‘Sure, things have not gone to well for Kevin James in his movie career as yet and I don’t think there’s too much chance of any improvements in the near future either’. It happens often enough though, the switch over from TV to the movies is never easy. The trouble with every character he plays, they are just extensions of Doug from the King of Queens. Also it does not help that he’s good friends with the likes of Adam Sandler, if there’s one guy you don’t want to be on a life raft with right now its Jack or was it Jill?

This is his best movie to date I would say. It has plenty of laughs throughout, but I was watching with two sets of eyes. 1) Through the eyes of a movie fan and unfortunately those were the eyes that tell the truth, the movie was predictable and as always the laughs are cheap and unimaginative. 2) Through the eyes of a mma fan, through these eyes the movie was great; this movie is a perfect complement if you were going to get your buddies around before a night of ufc action. Its peppered throughout with regular faces from mma doing off the cuff skits, yes albeit badly, but funny at the same time.

The movie is far-fetched, but it’s a bit of harmless fun for 90 minutes. Even if Kevin James isn’t your idea of funny, “surely Salma Hayek is worth admiring? For her acting proficiency of course!




The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists/band of Misfits (2012) Movie Review

I do my best to avoid animation, if it’s on TV I might watch 10-15 minutes, then I realise I’m an adult siting alone watching a cartoon. There will come a time when it’s appropriate to watch animation, that when the child your looking after finds the going tough in Pulp Fiction!

There is one form however that I do have time for and that the plasticine form, I’ve watched the making of these movies and it amazes me the time they have to put just to make an eye blink, never mind making them walk and talk.

The movie was whole lot of fun, the characters are always lovable even the baddies. It’s a genre that you don’t really need to read about when it’s about to be realised, you can just stick it on and relax, “it courses no harm too anyone”. Your inner child can come and play for 90 minute and you can play the who’s who with the voices. These movies always have a list as big as your arm when it comes to celebs, and here is no different. This may actually be Hugh Grant’s finest performance to date, he show he has range in his voice rather then that snuffling winey British accent he’s so keen on using in everything he does.

My favourites were Peg Leg Hastings Voiced by Lenny Henry (British TV Comedian) and The Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate voiced by Ashley Jensen (Extras).

There are plenty of giggles to be founds here, there is one involving the elephant man that had me in stiches.

“We are Pirates; now give us your score”