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I have just checked into WordPress and I have 36 Spam messages that are not picked up by their system

I have noticed a lot of spam getting through of late, I do not approve the spam so you guys never see it but I enjoy responding to comments and now I am drowning in spam, I have to keep clicking spam on the comments then deleting them, the WordPress system would normally stop them getting through but it’s getting worse, all of these messages are generally linked to a company that are selling or offering a service.

I would be interested to know if this is a result of not paying for WordPress, are WordPress letting these spammers through to encourage people to pay for their upgraded version ?

Anyone else having this problem ?



Why do I keep getting spam comments on certain posts ? – WordPress blog


I am really frustrated with WordPress help page so I thought it best to ask my fellow bloggers, I have always got the odd spam comment since I have had this blog for the last few years but more recently the system which blocks the spam seem’s to be getting bypassed, I have deleted one post due to receiving several spam comments a day ?

Can anyone shed any light on how to battle this epidemic.

Genuine comments welcome 🙂