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The Raid(2012) Movie review – Did not match the hype

This movie was a so well hyped that I think I was always gonna feel let down.

Loving the fact that another subtitled film has been marketed for the masses, but as much as I enjoyed the movie,it didn’t quite meet my expectation,the concept of 30 floors of hell does sound unique,and for a fight movie it was,I just felt they could have developed the story a little more.

Up to the hour point I was gripped,but then it seemed there was continuous fighting that after a certain point became tedious,I’m not comparing the films,just the idea,in the Game of death,Bruce Lee would clear each floor by taking out a new bad ass on each level,in this movie,every floor is the same, so after they get to the 15th floor(hour in to the film) my interest began to waver some what.

If there was a mixture of martial arts this would have be one thing,instead there was just an endless scene of mostly average fighters getting their ass whooped by the police.

The special effects were as good,if not better,than the Matrix.

I just wish the second half was as good as the first.