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The Walking dead – season 1/2 review 2012

I was a late arrival to the movie style tv series that have been broadcast from America of

the last few years.

Now im addicted to them and prefer them to most film releases of late,along with

Breaking Bad and Homeland,The Walking dead has to be up there with with some of the best

writing and producing on the planet,us brits can boast that a lot of these hit shows

are starring British actors but apart from that the British have been left behind to concentate

on the likes of Dr Who.

When I tell people about Walking dead people say,Oh,it sounds a bit like 28days later,or I am

Legend,the only difference is,that walking dead is actually brilliant,whilst the films were very forgettable.

Andrew Lincoln of Teachers fame stars as a police man who wakes up one day to find the

world has gone to pot,and his only desire is to survive and find his family.

In the mean time he has to fight off a never ending crowd of zombies and battle against

the alpha males that cross his path on the way to finding some kind of answer to what has happend.