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TT – Closer to the Edge (2011): Movie/Documentary Review

I have never been so close to the edge of my seat whilst watching a documentary, it actual felt like I’d been actually been riding one of this bikes myself after. It doesn’t pussy foot around, right from the get go the camera angels shows the kind of speed these guys get to while racing this off the chart circuit.

For anyone who doesn’t know what the TT is, it’s a once a year race that pits the nerve and steal of the best thrill seeker motorcyclist from around the world. The Isle of Man’s roads come to a standstill while this event takes place; this event is one of the only few of which track racers get to take their bikes to back breaking speeds on national roads. When I say back breaking, I physically mean back breaking; there is not a year that goes by that someone doesn’t end up dead or one step closer to their maker.

You don’t have to be a petrol head to appreciate this film; the film really gets into the heart and soul of the guys taking part.      After you hear of the dangers of this track and knowing nothing like me about this story, you might just see one of these guys die. The thing is these guys know it too, it’s a scary thought that when you enter the Isle! Someone could be exiting for good in a wooden box.

For non-English, and I mean from the British Isle, you are going to need the subtitle option for watching this movie. There are some very broad accents on show; it takes a trained ear to understand the thick Yorkshire accent.” If you don’t then well done, you’re going to be introduced to a crazy Yorkshire lad by the name of Guy Martin”. Guy is a man’s man. He tells it like it is, he is an eccentric petrol head who only cares for speed and what makes speed, engines. Gift of the gab is used to often for people in sales who can talk twallop all day long, this guy has an answer for everything and it usually is rather amusing.

Need to be watched on a big TV with 5:1 surround sound for full effect, as the visuals are superb.