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Wasteland (2012) Movie review;Another Lock stock wannabe

I really lose the power to watch these type of films,never mind review them, apart from the fact that this gangster has just come out of prison there is not a lot different to the plot of Lock stock, four friends come up with a way to make a substantial amount of money by ripping someone else off, the writer has tried to give the story a twist but as this type of film has been made around a 900 times in the last decade he was struggling from the off.

The lead is a decent actor(Luke Treadaway), they also have the impressive Gerard Kearns from the TV hit Shameless.

Full marks for the casting director in recruiting Timothy Spall, it’s simply remarkable what a career that man has had since his days on Auf Wiedersehen pet, although if you check his IMDB profile this part of his career seems to have disappeared ?

Back to the film and it’s generally a let down with a few positives, mainly the performance of the actors mentioned above.