Rust Creek Movie review 2018, Netflix Thriller worth watching.

Rust Creek is one of those films that make you second guess the quality just from its genre and lack of marketing.

I came across it on Netflix which is also another red flag to maybe this film being a bit low budget and a little bit weak , regardless of it’s intention.

But its with great delight that I have to say Rust Creek works on many levels.


Sawyer Scott is played by Hermione Corfield, a young Brit who is playing an American who’s only mission is to make it across the highways for an important job interview.

While on route that pesky radio bulletin advised young Sawyer to avoid the highways as traffic was looking hectic, as she heads for the back roads she slowly gets lost until she bumps into two lovely hill billies who seem pretty keen to have a good a time with the star of the show, Sawyer shows some real attitude and self respect when she fights off the wannabe rapists and limps off to the woods, here we go, Rambo 10, the female version!!!….. Well not quite, in fact the film takes an unusual turn as life goes back to normal in this hick town.

The film and the lead really offer a level of realism when it comes to real crime and real injuries, unlike most action films when you can be stabbed or shot and then run the London Marathon this film decides to play things out as they probably would be in life.

Hermione Corfield reminds me of Scarlett Johansson in the way she under plays the role, there is nothing cliche about the way she shows fear, pain or joy in this film, not that there is much of the latter.

Refreshingly good 7/10

Rust Creek (2018) - IMDb

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