Good People (2014) Movie Review;An entertaining film 8/10

This film is good, it’s a good old crime thriller story that keeps your brain stimulated throughout.

The two main leads, James Franco and Kate Hudson play Americans based in the UK, I normally find this kind of set up tokenistic, it’s quite rare to see two big stars playing this type role in the backdrop of London, somehow it works really well, the English actors are English so you don’t get a cross over of terrible Dick Van Dyke impressions from the Americans, and as the Americans are in fact American everything fits like it should.

The story is layered, it starts off with a drug deal turned sour, then the story of a struggling couple pining for happiness, the movie will keep you guessing, the cast are all believable without turning into a cliché of what good or bad people should behave like.

I would recommend this film for a couple not in the mood for romance.




Sin City 2 A Dame to Kill for (2014) Movie Review – The dialogue doesn’t come close to the first!

The first Sin City was…. pretty cool, I liked the characters , I enjoyed the black screen with the bright red blood splattering across the screen when the scene called for it, added to this the story was dark and intriguing.

Sin City 2 has all the special effects and the old cast to create another exciting chapter in this franchise, but whoever wrote the dialogue for this follow-up ruined what could have been a good film, at times it just goes on and on with no punch line, it leaves no insight into the people on the screen, I remember feeling just tired of listening to these angry people sound bored while delivering what seems like endless speeches throughout.



Facts about the film –

Three of the film’s four segments – “JUST ANOTHER SATURDAY NIGHT”, “A DAME TO KILL FOR” and “THE LONG, BAD NIGHT” – are prequels to the first film.

The film’s budget was $60 million, making this the most expensive movie Robert Rodriguez has ever directed.

In the second part of “The Long Bad Night”, Johnny (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) shuffles with one card, stating that he is ambidextrous. This may be a reference to a goof in the film _Looper_, where Bruce Willis plays an older character of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who was left handed in the film whereas Joseph Gordon-Levitt was right handed, which the director of Looper (2012) (Rian Johnson) tweeted that the character is ambidextrous.


22 Jump Street (2014) Movie Review – Zero Jump in this Street!

When 21 Jump street was released I thought I would hate it, but there was something about Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum’s relationship that had great comedy chemistry.

So onto the sequel in the form of 22 Jump Street, I pre warned my cheeks for laughing but no real warning was necessary, there were moments throughout that were mildly amusing but in general this version did not have the same bite that the original delivered.

In the first film there was an innocence to both characters, Jonah was a bit of a loser while Tatum was a dick, both characters were likeable in their own way, it was very easy to enjoy the journey of the film, added to this it was flowing in satire.

This is not on show in 22 Jump Street, both guys have no journey to go on, Tatum flirts with being a pro footballer while Jonah falls for another girl, there is a nice montage of mick tacking follow-up films when the credits arrive when the film has finished, I wish the film was leaning more to these jokes rather than just a poor imitation of the first film.



Facts about the film

Kurt Russell mentioned that his son Wyatt turned down a role for The Hunger Games sequels to star in 22 Jump Street.

During the parents weekend luncheon, Mrs. Dickson (Queen Latifah) mentions that she’s “straight outta Compton,” paying homage to the 1988 album that put Ice Cube (Captain Dickson) and his hip hop group N.W.A on the map.


The Giver (2014) Movie Review; Good idea but boring film!

It’s an interesting movie, kind of reminded me of a recent film ”Divergent 2014” on the basis that in the future your role in life is pre determined and society is controlled to a robotic degree.

This movie is a slow starter, I understand they were building a picture and a story but there are ways to do this, I was yawning on the inside for the first fifteen minutes, eventually the pace picks up and I started to enjoy the film, the possibilities seemed endless, which is strange because how it ended was very disappointing, the film slides out to a cold and unimaginative ending that kind if made me feel that the time I had invested really wasn’t worth it.

The director/Writer should have ”GIVEN” more, they really had a great idea on their hands which in execution slipped through their fingers!



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Frank (2014) Movie Review; This Movie made me smile throughout!


As the title reads, this movie made me smile for several reasons, the story is bizarre without being erratic, added to this it’s just good fun throughout.

Frank is the lead singer of a very strange band, there is nothing conventional about any member of the band, but it has to be said that Frank stands out more than the rest, he has a huge plastic head, he refuses to ever remove this mask which creates a great deal of mystery and inner giggles.

When a wannabe star gets the chance to join the band he soon finds out things are stranger than first feared.

I don’t really want to say anymore as I think it will spoil what was a joy of a movie for me, it is strange, but in a good way in my opinion.

As a major plus the bands music actually starts to become likable near the end which is hard to believe when you first hear it.




Gods Pocket (2014) Movie Review; Philip Seymour Hoffman!!!

I was looking forward to this film based purely on the fact that Philip Seymour Hoffman was in it, and knowing that it is one of the last times I would enjoy his superb acting. ( For those not in the know, he died this year)

The fact that film was good was an added bonus, it’s based in a working class neighbourhood, all the main characters interchange well without leaving you with that contrived feeling, the story is quite shocking but I got my thrills from the layered characters more than I did from the story.

It’s a smart film, the acting is first class and I can’t think of anyone on-screen who brought the quality down, with that said, it’s not the type of film that you are going to be in a rush to see again, it’s very life-like which is a testament to the cast, but in turn it feels depressing, nothing wrong with this but this should give you an insight into what you are letting yourself in for.




I have just checked into WordPress and I have 36 Spam messages that are not picked up by their system

I have noticed a lot of spam getting through of late, I do not approve the spam so you guys never see it but I enjoy responding to comments and now I am drowning in spam, I have to keep clicking spam on the comments then deleting them, the WordPress system would normally stop them getting through but it’s getting worse, all of these messages are generally linked to a company that are selling or offering a service.

I would be interested to know if this is a result of not paying for WordPress, are WordPress letting these spammers through to encourage people to pay for their upgraded version ?

Anyone else having this problem ?


The Rover (2014) Movie Review; A classy action packed film!

The style of this film is fab, I love a movie that starts and immediately thrusts you into the action, Guy Pearce is the man who can do no wrong in my eyes, he can play so many different types of roles to an impressive degree.

Guy plays a quiet broody looking guy sat at a bar in the middle of nowhere, when some strangers come into town his TV and beer pleasure are put on ice, there are scenes in this film that are explosive but bring a real edge of unique quality.

My only downer in this film is Robert Pattinson, if I had never seen him before this film he would have gone by largely unnoticed, but whenever I see him on-screen I immediately think ”Twiilight” he’s not a bad actor but he is not outstanding which makes it really hard for me to enjoy or respect him whenever he tries his hand at a serious piece like this.