Aftershock (2012) Movie review; You need to watch for at least an hour!

I watched this film after seeing Eli Roth’s interview with Kevin Pollack on YouTube, presumed it must be terrible as I can’t remember reading or seeing anything about its release or existence.

Eli who is known for the film hostel, stars and does not direct in this one, but a lot of his influence is all over this all the same, the story is calm as well as shocking, the acting is solid and the characters are dark and happy, a real cocktail of a film, but I will insist that you commit to this film for at least one hour, I have read of people being turned off early on but that is part of this films design, stick with it and you will be delighted by the time the film finishes.



Blue Ruin (2013) Movie Review; A true delight! 8/10

I instantly took a liking to this film, the film gives you so many reasons to root for it, the story is original, beautifully shot with a great tempo & style.

The lead character (Macon Blair) is interesting without the need to shout and holler every two minutes, his character is very believable and brings a new element to the thriller genre,there is a point in this film when an average man has to use guns and weapons to protect his family, the way they portray this sequence is probably a lot more realistic than in most action films which creates a heightend fear/ worry when watching.

I cannot think of another film like this, which is a testament to what a great job everyone did with this film.

I highly recommend this film.



The Railway Man (2013) Movie review; Highly disappointing

This movie sucks, in the past I have enjoyed the talents of Colin Firth & Nicole Kidman but this story is just terrible.

To begin with, Colin meets Nicole, they seem like an unusual couple, or should I say unlikely couple, their relationship builds into something average and then out of the blue Colin’s character starts having nightmares about the days when he was a prisoner of war, this news and part of the story comes out of left field and doesn’t flow at all with what has gone on up until this point.

Then to a ton of flashbacks that did not impress or scare, boredom starts to set in and you get to the finale of the film were after all of this time Colin goes to find the man who tortured him all those years before, highly disappointing is all I can say.

Hateship Loveship ( 2013) Movie review; I have a crush on Kristen Wiig!

As the title reads, I have a crush on Miss Wiig, now before she books the first flight to the UK to start this whirlwind romance, I am married Kristen, SORRY 😦  otherwise…, well, I better not say! well while you are getting over the relationship that never was I have to congratulate you on your film career to date, having enjoyed your roles in Brides Maids,Anchorman 2 and the The Secret life of Walter Mitty, this is one role which asks a little more, she plays a lady suffering with what I can tell is a quiet depression, when the elderly person who she has looked after  dies, she is at a loss of where to go and what to do until a new job arrives in her joyless world.

Nick Nolte plays a nice part well and has not looked better in recent years.

Guy Pearce plays a man living in a cocoon of drugs and drink and is a delight to watch.

Overall this movie is good, it feels fresh and has some nice black humour throughout.



Chinese Puzzle (2013) Movie review: A nice bit of french!

I think the french language is possible the second most attractive accent after the spanish, so this largely subtitled film was a joy to listen to as well as being funny to read.

This film is filled with the most beautiful french actresses from the past ten years, the story is interesting, witty and slightly quirky.

A man is told by his American wife that she wants to finish with him and move back to america, and she is also taking the kids!

The film was a joy to watch and brought up some interested points with regards to international relationships.



In the Blood (2014) Movie review; An action packed woman that pulls it off !

When I read about this one I thought here we go again, a woman fighting for her independence in a cocktail which includes the spice girls morals and Charlies Angels cheesy humour.

Well stuff a cake load of humble pie down my throat, ”In the Blood” is the first film that stars a female Rambo and pulls it off without any off-putting feminist quotes.

Gina Carano looks the part, she has legs that look bigger than tree trunks and a certain believability that if she told you in real life that she worked as a FBI agent you wouldn’t doubt her for a second, there is no cute karate chops to the neck, just raw power and action which is always tends to be unrealistic in other films.

The story is interesting and will keep you guessing right til the end.

Great popcorn movie!




Snow Piercer (2013) Movie review; This film is a nice surprise!

This film starts out as one thing then develops into something else completely, at the beginning I was considering leaving this film for another time, it gives the impression of a dark, gritty drama about a bunch of prisoners keen on escape.

When the film eventually gets going I could not wait to see what happened next, the tempo of the film increases and the story line is original for the big screen, which is not an easy thing to say these days.

Chris Evans pulls off the leading man well and gives the story its heart and soul.

I recommend this film.