Offender (2012) Movie review – A decent ”budget” prison gang movie

This movie impressed me off the bat,my fears of this being a generic no frills gang movie were put aside within the first fifteen minutes.

I am sure the budget was low but when you have a lot of young talented actors and a decent script the quality will always shine through.

People have compared this film to Scum,I don’t really understand that,you could argue they copied the Johnny Lee Miller movie – The Escapist(2002) but I still applaud the effort by a largely unknown director (Ron Scalpello)

My only negative was that in the last third of the movie it began to lag somewhat,I think they should have cut a few more scenes in the editing process just to make the pace of the project consistent,overall I was impressed,I had low expectations so it’s always nice to be surprised.



The Dark knight rises (2012) Movie review – It’s all about the Bane!

Tom Hardy first impressed in Guy Ritchie’s Rock n Rolla,he took a dip with Bronson but after watching Lawless recently and now Batman today, I have to say there are few building a body of work as strong as Tom Hardy right now.

I don’t really care about the Batman franchise,I find the characters generally boring after half an hour,not so with this installment,Bane is someone who makes you stand up and take notice,first you have to deal with his visual look, then his voice haunts you each time he opens his mouth/gas tank,if there was an Oscar for best voice this year Bane would win hands down,in fact the last time a voice made such an impression on me I was watching young chap being told who his father was.

The special effects in this pic’ are impressive,in fact if you compare this years Batman to this years Bond movie I would have to pass my vote to the bat,purely based on special effects as I suspect neither will win an Oscar.



Extracted (2012) Movie review – This is BAD

I lost interest in this movie after the opening sixty seconds,the lead actor really lacks charisma and any real talent,I think the worst mistake an actor can make after over acting is not acting at all,his facial expression’s do not differ at all,he could have won the lottery,got shot at,lost his wife and I would be looking at the same dull and emotionless face.

The story may have had legs but unfortunately the platform was lacking almost everything.



End of Watch (2012) Movie review – This movie has everything 9/10

I was blown away by this movie,the style,the story and the characters,Jake Gyllenhaal is outstanding and he is surrounded by a solid cast.

The film is captivating from start to finish,normally the idea of having 50% of the footage shown via hand-held cameras and car cameras would put me off,but in this case it brings a realism to the show,I hate Paranormal activity I find the story and camera angles off-putting,were as in this film it feels like you are watching an episode of cops but you are riding along in the back seat,the director made a brave move on this film and it pays off as the results are genuinely exciting and thrilling.

While on patrol Jake and his partner (Michael Pena) both share conversations that seem perfectly natural and engaging,I think when you have two likeable guys in the car for a large part of the movie it’s very easy to make one a bad ass and the other the good guy,purely from ying and yang point of view,to have two very likeable well-mannered guys in the car and create natural look and relationship can’t be easy,but the director(David Ayer) pulls it off.

I really enjoyed this one



Theresa May still way off cracking immigration – The Guardian

The Home Office’s progress in dealing with a backlog of asylum applications has never been smooth, and is now putting Theresa May under pressure. Photograph: PA

When John Reid famously described the Home Office as “not fit for purpose” when he was home secretary in 2006, one of the main things he did was to move immigration and asylum out of the department into a separate agency. He also promised that the backlog of 450,000 outstanding asylum case files would be dealt with by 2011. That deadline has now come back to bite Theresa May, today’s home secretary.

The roots of the problem go back to the late 90s when a complete breakdown in the Home Office immigration and nationality directorate was triggered by a combination of computer meltdown and organisational chaos.

The break-up of the Soviet Union had resulted in the asylum backlog rising above 100,000 for the first time.

When the Home Office tried to beat the computer problems by retrieving thousands of paper files stored in an underground car park at the Croydon HQ of the directorate, they found they were rotting in 45cm of water.

Although Home Office ministers ever since have repeatedly assured MPs that the UK immigration and asylum system has recovered, it is still a Cinderella in Whitehall service and still suffers periodic breakdowns – as the Brodie Clark affair demonstrated last autumn.

The backlog for new asylum applications is now in hand but that has only been achieved at the expense of parking the 450,000 “legacy” files then creating a separate dedicated system to deal with them. Every time there was a new political demand to act on immigration – say to step up the removal of foreign national prisoners – staff were switched away from legacy to deal with the problem of the day.

The net result was that progress was never smooth. While there were 450,000 cases, that did not mean there were 450,000 asylum seekers in limbo here. Many had gone home, were duplicate files, or had been resolved simply by the length of time they had been in Britain. In May 2010 the UK Border Agency said 277,000 of the cases were concluded. About 106,000 had been let stay, 34,000 sent home and 137,000 files closed for other reasons.

As Reid’s 2011 deadline approached, a huge effort was made to hit the target. In Croydon and Liverpool 800 staff and a further 350 temporary workers were assigned to the work, but it was not to be enough.

There is however a political dimension to this as well. When Conservatives cheer the appointment of the Australian Lynton Crosby as David Cameron’s election strategist for 2015, they hope he’ll be able to repeat his 2005 general election pitch to the party’s core vote, especially on the theme of immigration.

But for that to play well, the Tories need a defensible immigration record. They fought the last campaign saying Labour had let it get out of control. The repeated failures of the Home Office meant that message had serious traction. May needs to ensure she does not become tarred with the same brush.

As a result of Teresa May’s ambition to impove immigration figures she has attacked family migration as she has no power to address the EU problems,at present there are 15,000 UK citizens who are living apart from their wifes and children because Teresa May wants to hold onto 3% (total family migration from outside of the EU) so it’s kind of like going down on the titanic but making your bed before the water comes crashing into your room.

There have been recent cases that have gone to appeal which judges have overturned on the basis that the government have broken the law with this ruling and gone against people’s human rights.

Facebook and Media groups fighting this new £18,600 threshold that the Tories have brought in –!/groups/458130764223591/

Fancy dress wedding video – Howard Blake Photography – Kidderminster,West midlands,UK

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Deadfall (2012) Movie review – Eric Bana’s best role since Chopper,but average film

Eric Bana first hit the scene with a remarkable performance and portrayal in Chopper.

His following choice of movies left a lot to be desired,he seem to only accept roles which included him being the love interest in dull generic romance,he seem to avoid any role that conjured up any genuine excitement or insight.

Kris Kristofferson, a face and voice from the grave,or at least I thought he died a long time ago,another face from the more recent past is Charlie Hunman (Green Street) he is an Aussie and he murdered a cockney accent in Green street,he is doing his best to cut the American accent down to size within the first few scenes in this flick.

Eric Bana’s character is interesting and when the story involved him my interest heightened,it’s just the rest of the movie that was flat,I felt the director was trying to make a cool movie and tried a little too hard,I think keeping things simple but original would have been much more enjoyable for the viewer.



Fire with Fire (2012) Movie review – An action movie with a Bruce difference.

The movie begins with a lesson in manliness,in the first five minutes you got a group of fireman talking about sex,playing it cool with the ladies, and chucking the odd items around in the locker room,if there was any doubt you were watching a macho scene this was dismissed with the finding of some alcohol that must be drunk that very night, oh to be one of the lads..

Bruce Willis plays a more mature cop (this time) he doesn’t waste his words and lets his frustration in life show itself across his face when he is on-screen.

After a testosterone fulled start the movie actually develops into something good,I was expecting the normal cliché action flick but instead the movie takes a detour around the conventional which makes for a recent movie were you actually give a damn what happens at the end.

(On a side note I love the movie Lock Stock & two smoking barrels,even though Vinny Jones pulled off a decent performance playing ”himself” the guy cannot act,he seems to have taken part in a ton of American movies without anyone spotting the fact he doesn’t have any talent,maybe it’s the english (cockney) accent,I do not know,but please America,stop hiring him.



Britain’s migration rules are tearing families apart – The Telegraph

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Migration launches an inquiry into the new
family route migrant rules today. Dr Brooke Magnanti, herself a UK migrant,
argues that the changes are anti-women and anti-family.

The new rules disproportionately affect British women, whose wages are on average lower than men’s, making them less able to marry someone from outside the EU. In addition, because foreign-based spousal income isn’t counted, it does nothing to address public concerns about dependent spouses reliant on their British-born partner or on the state.

The policy even gives Brits a disadvantage compared to other Europeans: an EU resident with non-EU spouse can settle here and claim “treaty rights” without ever having to go through the UKBA application; native Britons can’t. Don’t even get me started on the same-sex couples and many others for whom “just settle elsewhere” isn’t a feasible option.

Angry families affected by these new changes are now speaking out on social media and Twitter, hoping to raise awareness of the inquiry and of a policy that affects British people as much as it does foreign ones. One hilarious (and hilariously depressing) spoof making the rounds shows what the UK Border Agency’s Christmas cards would look like if they were really honest.


Measures put a price on love

I wrote on this topic some months ago before the changes came into force, pointing out that while income level is of course a concern, in fact most family migrants neither need nor want to live off of benefits. It also puts a price on love: why is my husband’s income supposedly an indication of how genuine our relationship is? We learned first-hand the UKBA only looks at his payslips and doesn’t even ask him where we met or any of that colour-of-toothbrush stuff you think could alert them to forced and sham marriages. Why not have in-depth interviews instead of the arbitrary system in place now?


Part of the reason could be the way the current Government has decided to frame the problem. People are understandably concerned about overall inward migration because of rapid changes in society and concerns about the economy. But the Government does not propose to reduce that at all. Instead they focus on the slippery term “net migration”: the difference between people moving in and people moving out. In other words, they are hoping loads of British people will leave as well. This leads to a system where monied oligarchs and predatory bankers are waved through and genuine families are forced out.

Like most family route migrants in the UK, I feel that it’s entirely reasonable to expect new arrivals to support themselves. I and many others are also tired of a system that has had more changes in the last decade than Nigella Lawson has had hot dinners. By and large these changes are not keeping out frauds – they are disadvantaging people who come here ready to work, settle, and become part of British life. They are keeping husbands from their wives and parents from their children. It’s a policy that is anti-women, anti-family and the British public should not support it.



I LOVE MY FOREIGN SPOUSE!/groups/139807999382936/?fref=ts


(Hitler showed more heart and common sense than Teresa May.)


Lawless (2012) Movie review – A unique action packed film

I was always going to try to be favorable towards this film, Nick Cave wrote the screen play and I am a huge fan of his music and more importantly his lyrics,in my opinion he failed on his earlier attempt (The Proposition,2005) although the film was interesting it crossed a line into being dull.

With this attempt he has made all right that was wrong with the Proposition,this is based on a true story with Cave writing the screen play,like his music you can tell he is trying to create something original and scoffs at the predictable.

It’s a stella cast which includes blockbuster performances from Tom Hardy and Guy Pearce.

Shia Lebeouf has become the latest actor that everybody loves to hate,after selling out with the Transformers franchise it’s not hard to understand why,but I beg you to forget that part of his career and remember the good old days of Disturbia,he lets no one down in this picture and he is surrounded by some meaty acting chops.