The Heat (2013) Movie review; Good, but far too safe!

Sandra Bullock plays the straight cop nobody likes, Melissa McCarthy plays the wild cop who leaves the rule book at home.

I heard good things about this movie and even though it was pleasant to watch I felt it missed the mark some what.

Melissa McCarthy is a star, when on screen she glows with humour and personality, she shines so much that she leaves everyone else in the shade, she has the same qualities that John Candy showed, it’s a confidence without a peep of arrogance or cockiness.

I enjoyed the movie, I just felt I was watching a producers dream ticket at times and not an authentic entertaining film, good, but could have been so much better if the characters and writing had been improved.

6 / 10


This is the end (2013) Movie review; A funny and surprising movie

When I saw the advert for this I thought it would be a lame and gradually tiresome, to my delight it was neither.

The cast is pretty much the stars of every comedy that has been released over the last five years, the angle is interesting on the basis that the stars play themselves, in a nod to Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchants extra’s, Seth Rogan proves that he is more than just a fat hairy face.

With the stars forced to produce a version of themselves, the results are surprisingly entertaining as well as very funny.



World War Z (2013) Movie review; The Walking dead meets Independence day.

I was hoping for better, or maybe just something that was closer to being original, instead we get ”The Walking dead meets ”Independence day”.

The idea just feels used before the movie really gets a chance to begin, I rate Brad Pitt but was surprised that he was willing to lend his name to such a generic project.




The Baytown Outlaws (2012) Movie review; They used BBT for the marketing of this film

This film interested me because Bill Bob Thornton was starring, in the advert he is seen quoting funny lines and looking really bad ass, in reality he has around ten minutes of screen time, in around these ten minutes you have three red neck killers, this gang do at times hold moments of interest and humour but the film is largely boring with a snail pace story that begins to irritate the viewer after the first thirty minutes.

The movie left me feeling annoyed and cheated.



The Hole (2009) Movie review; A hole would have been the best place for this movie!

I was expecting very little and got what I expected, A new family moves into a house looking for a fresh start.

After the director ticks all the American cliché’s with regards to showing a dysfunctional family, he then introduces you to a black hole in the basement, as black holes go, this one had the scare factor of a mouse on Heroin.

The relationship between the family seemed very 1980’s, you know that kind of family that come across as fake and over the top. ( If you love 80’s horror, look no further …. )

The overall feel of the movie just felt dated, if you have purchased this movie by mistake I would suggest you dig a hole in your garden and have mercy on yourself by not watching it 🙂



The Iceman (2012) Movie review; Michael Shannon is all wrong for this story

I was living in Asia at the time when I stumbled across the Iceman book, the previous tenant at my apartment had left it there,weeks went by before I took the time to read it, after a few pages I was hooked, this killer seemed different, he seemed to take a sadistic approach in squeezing pleasure out of his victims last moments of life.

When I finished the book in three days I watching the documentary online, the thing that struck me about Richard Kuklinski was he icy cold humour, there was a ” So what” and a ” F*ck you” wrote across his face, for a man who had killed so many people I was shocked to find myself liking him, the human mind is a wonderful thing but we can normally associate certain traits to certain individuals, for a man in Richards shoes I would have expected a crazy character or man with not a lot to say, so when the guy actually starts making sense when he talks he rewrites the script for who has come before him.

Back to film and the biggest thing that was clear was that Michael Shannon was all wrong to play Kuklinski, I love Shannon as an actor as he has the tools to create scenes with a powerful purpose, but I did not find in him the great degree of interest that I found in the book and the real man on YouTube, Shannon comes off as a uncomfortable weirdo at times, I didn’t feel the calculated meaness that was Kuklinski.

I also think the director messed up this film, at no point do you feel any real tension or danger in the film, he directs the film as if Richard is just another character in a book along with all the other characters, I would have preferred a much more meatier Richard, one that shows how his nerves when he first killed someone, what it felt like and how he experimented on ways of killing people, the film portrays what happened as nothing special, there is no balance from the norm’ to the insane, the result is Michael Shannon wandering around slicing people’s throats without any build up or back story to each event that would bring any kind of excitement or danger to the movie, as a result this makes for what is a boring movie, they have taken a very interesting story and made it dull.



Rooneystein is a no show for England !

Wayne Rooney suffers a nasty injury courtesy of Manchester United team-mate Phil Jones.

Wayne insisted on posting this picture to prove to England fans that he really is injured and does care about the national team, I am sure most fans would prefer that Wayne showed his commitment by showing the form he once did nine years ago at Euro 2004, he has been piss poor and a no show for England ever since.


The Frozen Ground (2013) Movie review; Lady Killer

This is the third movie I have watched in a row that is either a true story or based on true events, I have not gone out my way to find reality movies, they have found me…..  to be fair this was probably the most interesting.

The movie starts off by introducing Nicolas Cage’s character who plays a cop on a mission to solve one of the biggest serial murders cases,the film then tells you who the killer (John Cusack) is which is strange in the fact that you now have 90% of the film to find out how they are going to catch him, I was expecting a few twists but they never really arrived but instead you got something different, the hunter being hunted which actually made for an interesting movie by all accounts.

John Cusack in 'The Frozen Ground'

I thought John Cusack was excellent, he has always done weird very well but I really bought into his character here.

Nicolas Cage, puts in another Nicolas Cage showing, by that I mean he shows a man confused and looking for something, something we all know he will find by the end of the film.

Worth a watch and quite shocking when they show the real pictures of the Woman he raped and killed at the end of the movie.