Robocop : movie review

Hindsight is a wonderful thing,im sure at the time of the release of this cult classic the review’s

would have been average,a couple of decades later and the film stands the test of time.

The story has a futuristic theme in the sense of what the future will hold for police enforcement,the idea that

a part robot could take the role of a human police office still excites and creates great excitement when enjoying

this movie recently.

The original movie was deemed a B movie by most of the cast,everybody seem to be trying for each others roles all the same.

Dick Jones was gonna be played by Clarence Boddickers character,and vice versa.

One thing that most action films of this time lacked was convincing bad guys,this one created 5 great bad guys and one

outstanding baddie in Clarence J Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith)  with such lines as the following that are instantly rememberable.

its easy to understand why the producers tried to cash in on the success of this movie with two other sequels and a tv show.

Boddicker quotes : Bitches, leave!  : See, I got this problem. Cops don’t like me. So I don’t like cops:Are you a good cop, hotshot? Why, sure you are! you gotta be some kind of GREAT cop, coming in here all by yourself. Where’s your partner?

This movie is a rarity in the sense that you never seem to get an action movie with an explosive storyline matched with good

acting and all round entertainment.



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