Before the devil knows your dead – movie review – 8/10

Never heard of this movie,or saw any publicity for it when it got released in 2007.

Phillip Seymore Hoffman immediately made me feel relaxed,I can never remember

witnessing a bad performance from the guy,Ethan Hawke also has a level of class

ever since his performance in Training day,before that film I always saw him as a poster

boy rather than an actor with depth.

This movie is about the story of two brothers greed and their unstoppable urge to

make quick money,The movie kicks off with the main talking point of the movie and then

keeps taking you back to days before the event,as the story is gripping and the main

leads are interesting,the journey you take in finding more about the preceding days before

the events are enjoyable and leave you craving for more.

An all round satisfying movie



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