Does Tyler Perry only make bad movies ?

I have come across a few of his movies over the last few years,all his movies seem to be bad,on a embarrassing level.

Without naming names of black actors / stars who do perform and create brilliant work does this make me a racist ? I personally feel I am good judge of films and talent,and I don’t sniff either when it comes to Mr Perry.

He seems to focus his films on the stars being all black,I got no problem with this,there are plenty of white directors that hardly feature other race’s,Spike Lee created some good films with such hits as Jungle fever which I enjoyed for its edginess back in the 90’s.

The biggest shock with Perry is the poor standard of dialogue,story and general entertainment value.

The shock from my side is his continuation to still keep making movies,is he having an affair with Oprah ? is she financing his hobby that is spreading misery on the world.

He has an average rating on IMDB of around 3 /10 for all of his film’s,is there anybody out there who enjoys his movies ?

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