Keiron Dyer finds another sucker club to pay him wages

Kieron Dyer

As a West Ham fan I remember how excited I was when we signed Keiron Dyer,I remembered his days at Ipswich and England,he seemed to have bags of pace and skill,I had forgotten about the amount of time that he spent on the Newcastle medics table and I think our previous chairman had as well when they paid £6M for him.

He may have played around a dozen games for WH,and a few sub appearances,this is over a few seasons,can we blame the player,not normally,but we can when he leaves WH and blames his injury nightmare on us,saying he was advised badly about one of his many injuries,and WH were to blame !!!!!!!!

What is more remarkable about this player is the fact he goes to QPR on a free,plays one game,and is then out for the rest of their season,what happens now ? he get another one year contract!

Keiron must have some really good friends in football,why on earth Mark Hughes has decided to give him a contract now is beyond me,he only has a track record of being injured for the last five years,players are not known for getting less injuries the older they get.

Well done either way Dyer,you have found another sucker of a club to judge you on your past and not your future.


Kieron Dyer signs new one-year contract with QPR

Kieron Dyer has signed a new one-year contract with Premier League side QPR.

The 33-year-old midfielder only played once last season after suffering a foot injury on his debut in August.

The former England international, who won the last of his 33 caps in 2007, joined Rangers on a free transfer from West Ham last summer.

One thought on “Keiron Dyer finds another sucker club to pay him wages”

  1. Dyer had so much potential and looked good when he was on the pitch for Newcastle but I cannot believe he is going to be a Premier League footballer for another year at least even Michael Owen has probably played more times than him in the last few years

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